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Do you urgently need a custom packaging box?

Posted On: 2023-03-01 hqt


The days of “throwing” products in random boxes to customers are over, and the consequences of continuing to do so are certainly not what you want to foresee. A beautiful customized box tells your customers that you pay attention to product details, you care about customer experience, and you support the concept of environmental protection, thereby increasing consumers’ trust and loyalty to the brand!

What are the benefits of a custom box for a product?

  1. Make your brand stand out. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that when you see someone getting a beautifully packaged express delivery, you always look twice unconsciously, and even wonder what it is, but when you see an ordinary yellow cardboard boxes without any desire to know.
  2. Improve customer experience. Have you ever done or seen someone do something that doesn’t seem to produce much benefit, but it can bring you spiritual enjoyment? For example, on Valentine’s Day your girlfriend will always ask for a bouquet of roses that may be thrown away the next day. Perhaps many customers will eventually throw away the box, but when they were amazed by its beautiful design when they opened it, and when they were amazed by its ingenious little design, it has actually been remembered and made them feel happy. A good mood brand yet?
  3. Give your product the most reliable protection. What would happen if a fragile piece of art was packed in a box with only modest cushioning? The difference is that the customized box is completely designed according to the shape of your product, fully considering every corner of the most impacted, and then make good protection measures, so that your product can reach the destination safely without letting your The mood suffered a “shock” for this.
  4. Green. Most of the customized boxes are made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled many times, reduce the excessive use of trees, and can protect the ecological safety to the greatest extent. Your customers will also see your sense of responsibility to the society, thereby generating a good impression of the brand and promoting recovery. purchase rate.

How are custom boxes produced?

Material selection. In line with the theme of the times, the most popular production materials are green recyclable materials, such as corrugated cardboard or recycled cardboard. Corrugated paper is made from wood pulp, and corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard with corrugated paper sandwiched in the middle. Corrugated cardboard has excellent impact resistance, which can effectively cushion the impact and protect the safety of goods. This cardboard has a single-wall or double-wall structure, and you can choose the cardboard with responsive strength according to the fragility of the product.

Design and graphics. Customized box and your product are not two completely irrelevant things. The market has always emphasized that “the box is the silent spokesperson of the product”. Through the design of the box, what can it say for the product? Here we take some products as examples.

1. If your product is a natural, low-chemical cosmetic, you can add more natural elements to the box, such as the shape of the natural herbal material used in your product to emphasize your theme, as for the large area of color You can use more natural and symbolic grass green or bonus red. Of course, you must pay attention to aesthetic matching to make your color more beautiful and harmonious.


2. If your product is a jewelry that wants to show a noble and elegant theme, you can choose a color that is closest to the brand tone as the main color according to your brand story, and use color to render the atmosphere, and the pure color is more advanced. Of course, the box-shaped design needs to perfectly fit each of your products, so that your products can be fully displayed. For example, in the world of jewelry, no one can separate the “touch of blue” from the brand name.

3. If your product is a delicious and sweet retail biscuit, please note that your theme is not to make people feel full at first glance, but to make consumers unconsciously imagine the beauty of the product inside by using just the right color and attractive pattern Taste, and then promote the consumer’s desire to buy.

Custom box type

  • Mail box
  • Shipping box (RSC or regular slotted carton)
  • Product box (folding carton)
  • Econoflex Transport Case


JERL has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and has a full range of automated workshops and product types that can meet all your needs. You can choose the products you want to customize according to your actual needs, and bring an unexpected little surprise to your consumers!

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