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Without good packaging, how can it attract people’s attention?

Posted On: 2023-02-08 hqt


Your product concept is strong and the design is great, so you can deliver the product itself directly to the customer with the satisfaction of heart? I don’t think you will! Because, you don’t want customers to have rough, perfunctory or even unguaranteed first impressions of your carefully crafted products. Exquisite packaging can promote consumers who generally pursue beautiful things. There is a Chinese fable called “Buy a basket and return the pearl”. He told a story about a consumer who took a fancy to the exquisite packaging box but returned the precious jewels inside to the merchant. The original intention of this story is to tell us that we should not choose improperly, but from a marketing point of view, we can better understand through this story: people will be attracted by exquisite things. Studies have shown that even the impulsive buying personality is driven by packaging to produce purchasing behavior.

Howard-Sheth model

As shown in the picture, the subtlety of the packaging or the unique style of the packaging can stimulate the psychology of consumers.

Poor packaging directly affects the customer experience. With the development of the times and the continuous optimization of market services, the consumer experience pursued by consumers is not limited to the practical value of the product itself, but also has different requirements for its experience.

Consumer experience and brand loyalty

When it is impossible to know the practical value of the product at the first time, the packaging becomes the first factor for consumers to judge their experience. A product that directly discards the packaging and “throws it over” or a product that has not worked hard on the packaging will make consumers lose sight of the sincerity of the business, and the first impression will become the following:

  1. This product doesn’t even have packaging, is it really legitimate?
  2. This product looks very casual, its quality can be imagined!
  3. This product is really ugly, definitely not good!

What if it is a clever and exquisite packaging? Apple puts a lot of thought into the packaging.

Shipping box material. I believe many people still have an impression of its transport packaging. Most of Apple’s shipping boxes are designed with folded corrugated paper. Only using the box can ensure that the box is in a hollow state and avoid damage during transportation.

Clever design. The folding design of this corrugated paper can automatically exit the packaging box with just a slight push. Different from traditional folding technology, consumers need to use their fingernails to pick it out, or carefully pour out the product, which increases the probability of product damage. Just the link of unpacking will bring consumers a caring and meticulous experience.

Apple shipping box packaging design

Eye-catching packaging

Combined with product style. Packaging is like a non-speaking salesman. It just stands there quietly, but it can market consumers’ perception and choice of products and even brands to a large extent. A packaging with a sense of design should know how to express the brand style and tell the brand story. For example, the cosmetic brand style below emphasizes natural and low chemical properties. A variety of natural elements are printed on their packaging boxes, combined with strong color matching, emphasizing the brand’s natural and low chemical nature, highlighting the brand personality, and leaving consumers with an environmentally friendly and natural brand impression.

Cosmetic brand packaging box

Analyze product performance. The performance of the product itself includes the product’s shape, physical state, strength, structure, weight, value, danger, etc. This is the first issue to be considered when designing packaging. JERL Packaging has been deeply involved in the packaging industry for many years. According to different product performances, it has designed packaging boxes with different functions, sizes and strengths, including stand-up pouches, gable boxes, card boxes, and gift boxes. It can also customize the most suitable “packaging boxes” according to any product needs. Suits”, JERL is always committed to matching the most suitable “clothes” for each product.


The overall quality evaluation of a product is inseparable from its packaging. Good packaging can protect the product, catch people’s attention, and can also tell the brand’s tonality, close the emotional connection with consumers, and thus enhance consumers’ trust in the brand. JERL has been committed to packaging design, production and transportation since 2010, aiming to create the most suitable packaging for each high-quality product. If you are troubled by product packaging, welcome to contact us, we will respond to your needs with the most professional technology and services.

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