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Do you really understand [corrugated cardboard]?

Posted On: 2023-02-06 hqt

Corrugated cardboard packaging is the most economical, and recyclable packaging solution. It’s used to ship and store almost everything we buy, from the staples of cereal boxes and shoe boxes, to packing large appliances, furniture and even cars.

This is because corrugated cardboard comes in many different materials, thicknesses, and shapes, so it can be tailored to meet almost any need.

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated material, also known as fiberboard stock, consists of three basic layers of paperboard. The two outer layers are cardboard and the middle layer is the grooves that form the air pockets.

This structure allows them to generate enough resistance to facilitate people’s handling. A corrugated box can’t stand up to the higher sharpness of cardboard, but that doesn’t mean the box won’t allow any artwork and printed themes to appear on its surface. Corrugated boxes can still be customized with simple printed designs and even with die-cutting equipment.

The benefits of corrugated boxes?

The appearance of corrugated paper has a history of more than 200 years. Apart from the well-known 100% renewable, which contributes to the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, it also has the following points:

  • Corrugated paper is stronger than ordinary cartons and can give products better protection
  • have a good cost-effective
  • The whole is not heavy, very light
  • great for branding

Before you make a purchase, it is important to consider the pros and cons of corrugated boxes from multiple perspectives.

Types of corrugated cardboard

All corrugated cardboard has a layer of corrugated fluting and at least one liner. Fluting and liners can be combined in different layers to create different types. These are the common types of corrugated board used in packaging and shipping:

Single Face Board

Single face board has only two layers, a liner layer and a corrugated layer. It’s not as durable as the other types of corrugated cardboard but is often used inside of boxes to add extra cushioning.

Order of Layers: Fluting, liner

Uses: Interior packaging

Single wall board

Single wall board is the most common type of corrugated cardboard. If someone is talking about corrugated cardboard, they are most likely referring to this style. It consists of two outer liners and a middle layer of corrugated medium.

Order of Layers: Liner, fluting, liner

Uses: Shipping Box

Double wall board

Double wall board has two layers of corrugated fluting and three liners, making it extremely durable.

Order of Layers: Liner, fluting, liner, fluting, liner

Uses: Industrial cartons

Triple Wall Board

Triple wall board sturdy enough to be used in place of wooden crates. Three layers of fluting make this corrugated cardboard a dependable choice for shipping chemicals or items that need special handling.

Order of Layers: Liner, fluting, liner, fluting, liner, fluting, liner

Uses: Shipping crates, chemical containers

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