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Do you know what kind of packaging consumers appreciate most?

Posted On: 2023-03-06 hqt


I don’t know if you have noticed: more and more businesses choose to use degradable materials or recyclable designs. Why do they do this? Because there are more and more voices about sustainable green development, and they are getting louder and louder. This is the focus of consumers. According to the principle of supply and demand, it will also become the focus of enterprises and merchants.

Consumer groups who care about environmental protection

With the expansion of the concept of green and sustainable development by mainstream voices and the continuous improvement of consumers’ quality, consumers’ evaluation of products gradually includes the standard of whether their product packaging uses environmentally friendly materials. As shown in the figure, the younger generation is more willing to actively consume for the sake of environmental protection. As a direct carrier that can promote brand culture, it is more necessary to highlight its environmental protection characteristics.

Packaging environmental protection material type

  1. Paper materials: Paper packaging boxes are already a traditional packaging material, but if you use recyclable cardboard, or corrugated paper and other paper materials with high recycling and environmental protection properties, you can effectively avoid environmental pollution, JERY Always adhere to the use of corrugated cardboard and recycled cardboard to manufacture all products, and honorably obtain the professional certification of FSC;
  2. Biodegradable materials: as the name implies, biodegradable materials can be decomposed into natural substances, which can be naturally dissolved in nature without producing any pollutants harmful to the environment, including starchy materials, wood fibers, pulp, etc.;
  3. Degradable plastics: Different from traditional plastics, degradable plastics are not easy to degrade, and long-term accumulation will cause large-scale pollution. Degradable plastics are composed of harmless substances such as plant starch or polylactic acid, which can be decomposed in the natural environment without pollution;

Demand market for environmentally friendly packaging materials

As the concept of environmental protection continues to become popular, the market demand for environmentally friendly packaging materials – corrugated paper continues to increase, indicating that more businesses tend to choose packaging produced with corrugated paper as raw materials:

Environmental credit for recycled cardboard

After the packaging made of recyclable cardboard is used, the cardboard can be made into paper bags, cardboard boxes, paper books, paper decorations, and paper household items through processes such as floating sorting, bleaching, and recycled paper manufacturing. and other commodities, realize multiple utilization of resources, reduce resource waste and waste accumulation.

The benign effect of using green packaging on the brand

Increase customer loyalty. Using environmentally friendly materials conforms to the theme of the times, and expresses the brand’s sense of responsibility and concern for the environment and society by emphasizing elements such as environmental protection and nature, which is conducive to improving consumers’ favorability for the brand and thereby increasing brand loyalty;

Increase sales. There are millions of people around the world who care about environmental protection. The use of environmentally friendly materials is one of the deciding factors for them to buy a product. 2. Brands that use environmentally friendly packaging will be more likely to attract their attention. 2. The brand’s sense of responsibility for environmental protection will promote their purchase behavior;

Cost saving: The manufacturing costs of recyclable and degradable materials such as corrugated paper and recyclable cardboard are generally low. Using these materials can effectively reduce the cost that brands need to pay for packaging. If the packaging can be printed with popular promotional slogans, it can also deepen the brand impression in consumers’ minds, and promote consumers’ repurchase rate and secondary communication. This can also reduce product marketing costs.


The concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If brand companies want to shorten the emotional distance with consumers, it is a good way to develop green themes. The outerwear of the product is the packaging, starting from the packaging and pursuing environmental protection. JERL has deeply implemented the concept of environmental protection for many years, hoping to provide every customer with the most suitable green packaging and assist your products to travel far.

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