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What preparations have you made for The Goddess Festival (IWD)?

Posted On: 2023-02-08 hqt


March 8 International Women’s Day, or we prefer to call it Goddess’ Day. Ahhh, it’s not that I don’t want to accept the growth of women’s age, let alone deny the charm of older women, but I just want to express: no matter what age group women are attractive, they have different values! So, is your brand ready for the holiday season? Maybe I can give you a suggestion: custom holiday gift boxes can bring great benefits to your brand! After all, everyone looks forward to giving or receiving a wonderful surprise on a special day!

Festive packaging highlights brand personality

Holiday packaging can be a great opportunity for brands to showcase their personality and connect with consumers on a deeper level. Here are some of the ways festive packaging can reflect your brand’s personality:

  • Color scheme: The color scheme used in holiday packaging can say a lot about a brand’s personality. For example, bright and bold colors can convey a fun and playful brand personality, while softer, pastel colors can convey a more refined and refined personality.
  • Imagery: Imagery used in holiday packaging can also reflect a brand’s personality. For example, a brand that values family and togetherness might use images of people sitting around a dinner table or exchanging gifts, while a brand that values adventure and exploration might use images of snowy mountains or skiing.
  • Messages: Messages on holiday packaging can also reflect a brand’s personality. For example, a brand that values sustainability might use messages about being eco-friendly or reducing waste during the holidays, while a brand that values giving might use messages about giving back to the community.
  • Materials: Materials used in festive packaging can also convey a brand’s personality. For example, a brand that values luxury might use premium materials like velvet or gold leaf, while a brand that values simplicity might use recycled or biodegradable materials.

By using holiday packaging that matches their brand personality, brands can create a deeper emotional connection with consumers and stand out from competitors during the busy holiday season.

Holiday Custom Packaging Can Be a Collectible

  • Nostalgia: Festive packaging often features festive and memorable designs that can evoke nostalgic feelings and remind us of the happy days of yesteryear. Collecting holiday packaging can be a way to preserve those memories and enjoy them year after year.
  • Limited Editions: Many holiday packaging designs are limited editions, available only at certain times of the year, making them unique and rare collectibles.
  • Artistic value: Some holiday packaging designs are created by famous artists or designers, making them collectible items for those interested in art and design.
  • Investment value: Certain limited-edition holiday packaging designs can appreciate in value over time, making them potential investment opportunities for collectors.
  • Sustainability: Collecting holiday packaging is also a sustainable option as it prevents packaging materials from being wasted and encourages the reuse of materials.

Overall, for those interested in design, nostalgia, or sustainability, holiday packaging is a fun and valuable item that can provide a unique way to celebrate the holidays each year. And every time I take out the package or recall the package, I will inevitably think of the brand that brought this package.

Decorative mailing and shipping boxes are better for social media sharing

With the continuous change and development of new media, more and more people share the happiness and fun in life with more people. When they receive an exquisite transport box, they will naturally open the live broadcast and express their joy and satisfaction with an unboxing video. The data shows that the number of views of YouTube unboxing videos has increased by 57%, and dotchom also said that 39% of consumers will share the unique unboxing experience in some way. This can even be used as another way of promoting the product to maximize the marketing value.


Custom packaging is a great way to wow customers during the holidays and turn it into a positive brand benefit. Start to customize a holiday-limited packaging for your products, and let your brand story spread to more people. If necessary, you are welcome to contact JERL, we have the most professional technology and the most in place service, and hope to bring you a different marketing experience.

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