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Start Custom Box Packaging At Any Time

Are you looking to present your custom product packaging design in a distinctive and creative manner? The answer is simple! Utilize custom packaging boxes. Custom packaging boxes are a stunning visual display of your products.

These boxes:

  • point

    Design it any way you want to stand out from the competition

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    They can be transported hassle-free and protect your products

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    Provides wider customization options


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Where To Start Customization?

At The Most Affordable Prices

There Are Two Main Types Of Packaging To Consider: Fully Customized Boxes And Printed Stock Boxes.

Fully Customized Boxes

Printed Stock Boxes


Who needs it?

Companies looking to create an entirely branded “unboxing experience”. These types of boxes often include lots of little extras that set them apart from the competition.


The cost depends on many factors, including the size of the colors used in printing, box material, number of boxes, inserts included and more.

Who needs it?

Companies who want to create the same kind of unboxing impact, but at a lower cost than ordering custom boxes.


Varies, but it’s typically less expensive than going fully custom.
As with custom boxes, the cost of printed stock boxes varies widely depending on specifications.

How To Design Your Own Custom Packaging Box

There are a few different types of custom packaging boxes that businesses can use to package their products. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the type that is best suited for your product and your business.

The three most popular types of custom packaging boxes are: rectangular boxes, round boxes, and display packaging.


Not seeing the option you’re looking for? Have our sourcing experts assist you!

What You Always Get

There are a number of benefits to designing your own custom packaging boxes. Not only can you control the look and feel of your product, but you also have the opportunity to reduce waste and save money. Custom packaging boxes can make your products look more appealing and professional.

Free Design Assistance

Customizing a box to your exact specifications is a breeze with the help of our experts. From technical assistance with sizing and material thickness selection to artwork consultation, we reserve the right to address your requirements in designing a custom box that best suits your needs.

MOQ Friendly

Our minimum order quantities start as low as 1, with most orders starting at 30. At the same time we produce many orders over 50,000+ qty and produce over 5 million custom printed boxes per month, we can confidently meet all your box quantity needs.

Price Advantage

Not only does JERL make it easy and simple for you to get custom boxes created to your specifications, but we also offer them at wholesale prices. Since we are not agents or distributors; having an in-house printing facility helps keep our prices consistently low.

How To Properly Customize A Box?

  • Determine what kind of box you need
  • Use templates or die cutting lines to design, of course, you can also leave it to JERL to do it
  • Choose a color scheme for your packaging
  • Choose your packaging typography
  • Identify required materials, printing methods and special coatings