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As the so -called Buddha relies on gold, people rely on clothes, and wine is well-packed. The beer culture of our country has prevailed for thousands of years. In ancient times, poets used wine to sell sorrows. Today, wine is used to make friends. Wine is already an indispensable part of our lives. The essence of beer boxes packaging design is part of the product, and the packaging also carries the soul of the product design. If you want to produce an excellent product, please consider the packaging together instead of splitting.
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Q: How to process the order ?
1.Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .
2.We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .
3.We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .
4.We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: What’s shipping option ?
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfied your quality,how will you do?
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box ?
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .

Q: What’s the logo craft ?
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.

Q: What’s lead time for bulk order ?
Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have Europe EPR tax number?
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make payment?
T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.


Fuction of beer boxes

Beer’s packaging is like a product’s coat. We see a person, and the first thing we see is his clothes. When we see a product, we are also attracted by its external external. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of product outer packaging. Its importance directly determines the popularity of the product. The packaging of the beer boxes can be decomposed into a “package function” and “installation function” from literal understanding. The function of the package refers to the protection of the content, which makes it impacted by external forces, and prevents the damage or deterioration of the content of the content due to light, moisture, etc. That is, the main function of the beer boxes is to protect the internal beer from being damaged by external forces. Following refers to decoration, which enables the packaging to highlight the sales claim of the product, highlight the characteristics of the product, and attract consumers’ attention. Good beer boxes can increase sales. Strong and durable beer boxes can be equipped with more beer to increase sales. In simple terms, beer boxes packaging is the coat of beer, the facade, the direct information carrier of the brand, and the window for consumers to perceive the company. The design of the beer boxes packaging is equivalent to having a good set of marketing weapons.

Packaging charm of beer boxes

Taking beer as an example, the development of the beer industry exceeds people’s expectations. Beer enthusiasts around the world are tasted a brand-new beer, and it is difficult for beer companies to find an advantage. In the face of so many new competitors, how do you stand out and make sure that craft beer enthusiasts score your beer on the public comments instead of scoring your competitors? There is a famous saying that it is particularly noticeable: packaging bad beer can be sold, but good beer with poor packaging design is difficult to sell. The information is very clear: Your beer packaging design looks like your first impression. It should be good enough. Let the customer take your beer bottle from the shelves and put it in a shopping cart. How can consumers choose the right beer wine, and how can it judge whether this beer wine is high -end or low -end wine based on the first impression? Then the first impression is to see the packaging, that is, the beer boxes. Good beer boxes are often more crafts and high costs, so it is necessary to have a certain strength to make wine packaging. Of course, the price differences and amplitude in it are also relatively large. Some beer boxes packages may be done in hundreds of pieces, and some may be tens of thousands. Basically, different grades of beer boxes packaging will be customized according to the price of the wine itself.

custom Beer Boxes

advantage of beer boxes

Level low sake packaging carton

mid -range wine packaging carton

In my opinion, except for this kind of paper beer boxes, it looks more practical than wooden wine boxes. Of course, if it is a high -end beer boxes, it should be more time-consuming, and the cost will be relatively high.
Generally, low -end beer packaging will start with the brand content and characteristics of beer brand. By combining the current production technology, it will basically design a generous and low -production beer boxes packaging to largely reduce unnecessary economic expenditures.
And mid -range beer boxes packaging. This grade beer boxes is also more practical. When making such beer boxes packaging, it will be improving in terms of packaging materials and production processes. The mid -range packaging of beer boxes should show its product cultural expression, and show the advantages and cultural connotation of the product through good creativity and good positioning. Mid -range beer boxes are basically better than low -end product beer in quality and appearance.
And high -end beer boxes. This type of beer boxes packaging is even more particular about it, and it is a very distinctive packaging box in cultural performance and visual performance. In the structural design, the artistic design of the alcohol packaging box is exquisitely combined with the geometry of the box body. The design can also be designed in conjunction with the characteristics of the production of wine products and the types of winemaking used, which is both beautiful, but also makes the quality of the wine make people clear at a glance.

Beer Boxes manufacturer

Beer boxes packaging material

If you have a bottle of high -end beer, but use a very ordinary beer boxes, the grade will be lowered a lot. But if you are a bottle of ordinary wine, it is packed in a high -end beer boxes, so it becomes different. It can be seen how important is the beer boxes for a bottle of wine.
Wine is a liquid product. Nowadays, there are many types of beer types on a variety of shopping mall shelves. First of all, everyone’s eyelids are often beer boxes. The beer boxes packaging has a very important effect on the sale of wine, especially it can attract consumers, add the added value of the product, can meet the needs of consumers, and can stabilize the effect of the brand and corporate image. The beer boxes can make its beer. The brand is becoming more and more known.
Now, in the choice of packaging data of high -end beer boxes, paper containers (cartons, paper tubes) are still the primary position. The proportion of leather, wood, plastic, and metal data is added. Data are still less used. For some high -grade wines and wood as the outer packaging information. Good beer boxes packaging can show its natural and civilized temperament. When planning the beer boxes, it is based on the comparison of beer civilization to show the characteristics of beer. In the wine packaging plan, a large amount of materials is used to make beer boxes packaging, and the anti -damage substance is added to the inner box of the beer boxes. Expressing beer characteristics, the beer packaging planning is consistent with the reconciliation of beer civilization.

oem Beer Boxes

Beer boxes packaging function

These also reflect that now everyone not only values ​​this is a bottle of wine, but its beer boxes is also a manifestation of manufacturers’ intentions.
The quality of a bottle of beer is quality. For consumers, the first thing to see is the packaging of this bottle of beer, namely beer boxes. The beer boxes are both the selling point of the product and the highlight of the market. Novel and unique beer boxes are often easier to impress consumers’ hearts. Therefore, beer companies must not only produce standards and quality products, but also have dignified and beautiful trademarks and packaging, so as to make their products more attractive and competitive, and make their brands more popular.

Protection function

Packaging should ensure the product and cleanliness, so that it does not cause dispersion, damage and deterioration during storage, transportation and sales. This is a basic role in packaging. Therefore, the beer boxes can protect the safety of the product. Creative beer boxes packaging not only increases the value of the product, but also protects the safety of the product, and ensures that the safety of goods and consumers use is fundamentally designed. The packaging design agency claims that in the product packaging design, the design should be considered according to the attributes of the product. The product’s packaging design is considered through many aspects of product storage or transportation and carriers to ensure safety protection to ensure that the product can tolerate pressure, anti -seismic, seismic and crowded. The performance of abrasion resistance improves product safety.

Beautify the value -added function

Beautiful and generous packaging shapes, vivid patterns, and novel and unique decorations can set off the product image and increase the added value of the product.

Promotion function

Packaging is a “silent salesman”. Consumers can understand the product through packaging, cause consumption interest, and stimulate the motivation of purchase, which is conducive to expanding product sales. Good beer boxes can increase the promotion and sales of products. Beer boxes packaging is not only to enhance the value of the product, but also to attract consumers’ attention. Advertising communication effects attract customers’ vision, which can enhance the sales of products in the market to be more helpful to make products recognize market recognition.

Increase brand awareness

The packaging design agency talks about the packaging design not only to attract consumers, but also to attract the attention of the people while enhancing the popularity of the entire brand in the market. The intangible packaging is also an invisible demand to add points to the corporate image, for enterprise products. Therefore, we must pay attention to the packaging of the beer boxes, and to maximize the value of the beer boxes.
The status and role of beer boxes packaging in modern marketing and marketing activities are increasingly noticeable. As the well -known American management master Peter Durak said: “The key to future competition is not what the factory can produce, but the added value provided by its products: like packaging, services, products, user consultation, and timely delivery And everything that people measured by value.” Only by letting packaging a kind of competitiveness can be regarded as a successful packaging. Therefore, the beer boxes packaging can be a big selling point. The fine -looking beer boxes can attract consumers and bring sales to merchants.

There are several different boxes such as bottoming box, double -plug box, and aircraft box.

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Custom beer boxes with jerl packaging

If you want to customize your own beer boxes, you can come to our JERL packing’s website to understand, because we all have very professional talents here, waiting for you to solve your problems.
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