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How to design a jewelry packaging box with brand characteristics?

Posted On: 2023-03-06 hqt


  • Have you ever seen a jewelry brand eager to gain popularity put its jewelry in a transparent plastic bag and deliver it directly to customers?
  • Have you ever seen a jewelry-loving buyer smile as she holds a piece of jewelry in a plastic bag?

I don’t think you’ve ever seen it, it’s too far-fetched. It’s as if we were looking forward to meeting a friend we’ve never met, only to suddenly see him in a pair of scruffy long-sleeved pajamas. Maybe you will say that you can’t deny the value of friends because of this! Yes, if you think a customer would spend the same amount of time getting to know this jewelry as he would spend getting to know a friend, watching his designer take it out of the plastic bag and speak slowly about his design philosophy…if You are not 100% sure, so you might as well create a “clothing” for your jewelry that really matches its worth. Just as your customers expect.

What factors need to be considered in packaging design?

Jewelry pays attention to the delicacy and beauty of every inch, and the design of jewelry packaging should be more so. We need to really understand our product, such as its color, its shape, its meaning and theme, and then choose the material, pattern and style that suit it. In this way, every meticulous design can make consumers feel the designer’s intentions and deepen their appreciation of the value of jewelry.

For example, the following jewelry product from China, its packaging fully integrates oriental aesthetics, combined with the brand’s elegant and high-end tonality, and the shape of different products is designed to create an unusual inner box with smart lines.

The outer box is printed in black solid color, which gives people a solemn and noble temperament, and the brand LOGO is stamped with silver foil, which is bright, clean and full of atmosphere.

Another example is this jewelry that wants to express European and American retro styles. It chooses to use bronzing technology on the ribbon and box surface LOGO, combined with the overall hazy light pink, to create a visual experience like oil painting, inlaid with high-end in harmony, every Everywhere is full of strong artistic atmosphere.

And this original jewelry, combined with the designer’s positioning of the product, positions the packaging route as fashionable and high-end. With the deep and atmospheric black as the main color, the overall tone is defined as noble and elegant, and then the marble-like stripes are drawn on the box body by hot stamping technology to create a gemstone crack texture. The two images of black and stone collide with each other, leaving a shocking impression. But even so, the overall design is not rigid, because it is used with soft ribbons to neutralize the sense of strength brought by black and cracks, so as to highlight the high-end and exquisiteness of the product.

Choose materials that highlight product features. Commonly used materials for jewelry packaging include cardboard, paper, velvet, suede and leather, but the selected materials must take into account the characteristics of jewelry and can protect jewelry during transportation or placement.

  • Gift Boxes: Gift boxes, usually made from recycled cardboard, are economical and customizable, with printed designs or logos. Velvet, suede and leather cases are more luxurious and add a high-end touch to jewelry.
  • Organza bags: Organza bags are a popular choice for small, delicate jewelry like earrings or necklaces. These bags are made of sheer fabric and are available in a variety of colours. They are lightweight, affordable, and can be custom printed with designs or logos.
  • Pouches: Pouches made of velvet, suede, or leather are more upscale packaging options. They are soft, durable, and give jewelry a premium look and feel.
  • Gift Wrap: Gift wrap is an affordable and customizable jewelry wrapping option. It can be used to package jewelry boxes or pouches, and can be printed with various patterns or logos.
  • Acrylic Display Stands: Acrylic display stands are a modern and stylish choice for displaying and packaging jewelry. They come in various shapes and sizes and are often used in retail stores to display jewelry collections.


The Chinese say that “people need clothes, and Buddhas need gold clothes”. As high-end consumer goods, jewelry must be packaged in a grand and elegant way. A package that looks luxurious and noble can attract people’s attention, allowing consumers to affirm the value of jewelry from the very beginning, while a package that is ordinary or even generic for any product wants consumers to emphasize that the products inside are also normal. As ordinary as things. Good packaging can be a magic weapon for brand success. If you need it, you are welcome to contact JERL. JERL has polished the packaging quality of jewelry products for many years, and we firmly believe that we can create the most suitable packaging for your products.

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