Customized Small Cardboard Boxes

Gifts are used as a “medium” to convey feelings or business needs at festivals. The high-end atmosphere of gift packaging boxes is also indispensable. In life, when we give things, we will choose a satisfactory gift box to hold gifts. However, when choosing a gift box, it is inevitable to fall into the “choice syndrome”. Don’t know what kind of gift box is suitable for your gift, so how to solve this problem? Don’t be afraid, JERL Small Cardboard Boxes provides you with a variety of choices, beautiful and practical.
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Q: How to process the order ?
1.Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .
2.We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .
3.We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .
4.We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: What’s shipping option ?
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfied your quality,how will you do?
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box ?
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .

Q: What’s the logo craft ?
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.

Q: What’s lead time for bulk order ?
Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have Europe EPR tax number?
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make payment?
T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.


Why choose JERL Small Cardboard Boxes?

The festival is approaching, and countless people are starting to prepare gifts. Especially for major festivals like Christmas and New Year. Picking the right gift box for your gift is an absolute must for every household. The Small Cardboard Boxes carry not only the gift itself but also our blessings to others. In this way, choosing a gift box has become a very important thing. Our Small Cardboard Boxes have all your needs covered!

Small Cardboard Boxes are easy to assemble.

Our Small Cardboard Boxes cardboard shipping boxes are quick and easy to assemble without glue, staples, or tape. Refer to the guide in the image or video before assembling. EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Simple fold and pleat design. Rugged construction was capable of handling cups, glasses, jars, and other heavier objects.

The Small Cardboard Boxes are made of durable cowhide corrugated cardboard, which is recyclable and environmentally friendly, and durable.

Our Small Cardboard Boxes are sturdy and reliable, with a sturdy folding design that can hold multiple products at once. You can also add extra tape or ribbon to make the box more beautiful, sturdy, and secure. When you use our high-quality small gift boxes, you are giving a truly unique DIY gift.

the special transport packaging of the multi-pack small carton allows you to have no worries.

All kraft small cartons are packed in a larger carton to prevent damage in transit and lay flat to save your space. Shipping made easy – white corrugated box. These white Small Cardboard Boxes are made in small sizes and ship flat, perfect for small gifts and fragile items.

Small Cardboard Boxes are compressive and of high quality.

The small shipping case is sturdy enough to pack, transport, and store small items and light fragile items. High-quality corrugated cardboard with grooves makes the rectangular mailbox reliable and strong, and the standard right-angle angle will protect the contents on delivery. Premium, Crush Resistant Corrugated Cardboard – Mailboxes are constructed of corrugated material that meets edge crush and burst testing standards to ensure the safe transportation of your items.

Small Cardboard Boxes are widely used.

Returnable shipping boxes are suitable for small businesses, mailing, packing, and storing cute items like bracelets, jewelry, earrings, soap, candles, and more. Simple-to-use settings make moving easy and organized. The shipping Small Cardboard Boxes ships flat for easy storage and are easy to fold. The shipping boxes are neatly cut and fit, can hold a lot, and are perfect for packing most household items and any other retail shipping.

Simple, easy-to-fold mailers - fold in seconds.

These all-in-one shipping mailers fold together in seconds and require no tape, glue, or staples. Instructions are company flat-pack shipping and storage to save you money – all HTTP corrugated mail is shipped flat-pack to reduce shipping costs and storage space. When you think about quality and protection, consider packing here and there small corrugated cardboard boxes for mailing packaging literature books for mailing.

The last but not least feature is the elegant look of the Small Cardboard Boxes.

Brown, white, black, and other color mailboxes are elegant and can help your business a lot. A great choice for any holiday!

Multifunctional Small Cardboard Boxes

These versatile Small Cardboard Boxes can be used for gift giving, retail product displays, giveaways, wrapping items, and more. Perfect for bridesmaid proposals, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or wedding gifts. These gift boxes are spacious and can hold a variety of items. Our small gift boxes can be used to hold cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and any other baked goods. The boxes are easily customized with markers or stickers so you can build your brand identity.

Small Cardboard Boxes can be Customized and Personalized.

Gift box packaging is generally used for more formal occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, celebrations, visits, condolences, etc. Therefore, when designing, it will be more targeted. In addition, people of different genders and age groups should also make reasonable designs according to their characteristics and hobbies.

Small Cardboard Boxes are perfect for your retail or business needs.

Create your unique gift box for your bridesmaid’s proposal or special event. Add your designs, artwork, lettering, stamps, or stickers to create your own personalized custom gift box. Fill your gift box with colorful crumpled paper and tie it with ribbon or twine to elevate your gift box to a beautiful display! We manufacture white cardboard shipping boxes proudly made in the USA and certified to industry standards. We offer a variety of shipping box sizes to suit your needs.

Small cartons of various shapes and colors can be customized and the group purchased them to meet your gift-giving needs.

They are also perfect for bridesmaid proposals! Fill the Small Cardboard Boxes with gifts like mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, candles, bath bombs, soap, perfume, makeup, makeup, jewelry, and anything else you can imagine – the possibilities are endless! Make your unique gift box for your bridesmaids and celebrate your best lady with a gift box they will always remember and cherish.

High-quality product and satisfaction guarantee.

JERL is committed to satisfying you with affordable prices and high-quality service! Our high customer satisfaction in recent years is also our driving force. Each of our products is custom-made, and the specific delivery and arrival cycle will vary, please consult our customer service!

Do you know what box printing suitable for you ?

To sum up, Small Cardboard Boxes is the best choice as a gift box, no matter in terms of appearance, practical use, or price, especially when choosing JERL Packaging Company in China, they are the best company for pillow boxes. they offer a variety of colors and designs and can be manufactured to your specifications, styled and sized to fit your company’s products, or added with your logo for a unique brand look.
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