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The way you store your photos in a picture packing box is known to affect the condition of your pictures and can prevent them from fading or damage. Why use a picture packing box? They say that the materials used in a photo are not expensive, but the story revealed by the photo is valuable. Many pictures exist digitally these days, but printed photos are much more interesting than viewing them on a phone screen. The biggest problem with storing important photos is making sure they are kept in a safe and protected place. Photos need to be properly taken care of in order to be preserved.
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Q: How to process the order ?
1.Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .
2.We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .
3.We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .
4.We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: What’s shipping option ?
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfied your quality,how will you do?
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box ?
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .

Q: What’s the logo craft ?
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.

Q: What’s lead time for bulk order ?
Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have Europe EPR tax number?
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make payment?
T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.

The best picture packing box is a picture box where you can maintain, order and tag your photos. The photo case protects your photos from dust, light, rodents, spills, and more, allowing your print memories to last long. Relative to the number of photos they store, picture packing boxes take up less space than photo albums, adding to their space-saving utility. That said, the best way to save a picture is to pack it in a picture box to make sure it doesn’t cause the most damage. If you need a picture packing box to pack your pictures, then I believe JERL packing will design the best picture box for you.

advantages of the picture packing box

Now that you know what a picture packing box is, it’s time to find out why you really need a dedicated picture box for storage. Here are some of the advantages you can get with picture boxes compared to regular cardboard boxes.


The picture packing box is specially designed for saving pictures, it is different from those ordinary cardboard boxes, if you put pictures into ordinary boxes, these ordinary boxes may not fit the size of your pictures, so your pictures breakage is likely to occur. But if you use the picture packing box, he will guarantee the integrity of the item to the greatest extent. As the saying goes, there are specialties in the art industry, so if you want to pack your pictures, it is best to use professional picture boxes.


The picture packing box is composed of thicker and heavier cardboard, which provides better protection for your pictures. You might think you’ll save money by simply wrapping your valuables in a blanket and putting them in a regular box. But if something expensive or irreplaceable breaks, you’ll be faced with an even more expensive and heartbreaking proposition. So I think the picture packing box is your best choice.

How to choose Picture Packing box

The best picture packing boxes provide practical, easy-to-implement space for photos. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials for maximum protection and management of photos. Of course, the appearance of the box is also important, but it depends on where the picture packing box is placed.


When considering the protective nature of a picture packing box, a well-crafted design depends on the materials used. Two common materials that make up photo storage boxes are cardboard and plastic.

Boxboard belongs to the family of cardboard boxes. It’s generally acid free and does a good job of blocking light that could damage photos. The material is strong enough to stack multiple boxes on top of each other, and its durability has stood the test of time. These picture packing boxes may have decorative patterns or fabric adhesives with pleasing textures or colors.

Plastic makes the picture packing box stronger and protects its contents from insects, rodents or water damage. Since plastic is so much newer than cardboard when it comes to storing photos, it’s uncertain how plastic will interact with photos in the long term.

Be careful when buying cheap picture packing boxes. Poor quality boxes are more likely to contain chemicals that can damage photos over time. For those who have digital files or negatives to replace prints and are less concerned about damage, and prefer a storage/organization solution, a cheaper product will suffice.


The purpose and size of the picture packing box can affect how it holds photos inside. For example, it’s not a good idea to put photos in toy boxes, as these boxes are often too large to properly protect the photos. Many photo boxes are designed to hold 4″ x 6″ photos, the standard photo size in the printing industry. The best picture packing boxes hold the desired print size and fit in the available space, such as under-bed storage.

Also watch out for overfilled and underfilled picture packing boxes. Overfilling can cause photos to bend, fall off, get lost, creased, or cause other damage. An underfilled box can cause the photo to move around during shipping, which can ruin the edges of the photo. The best boxes for photos are neither underfilled nor overfilled. One way to solve this dilemma is to place smaller compartments or dividers in the storage compartment. Underfilled boxes pin photos to a smaller area so they don’t float freely, and these boxes are generally not overfilled.

How to use the picture packing box

If you decide to handle the packaging yourself, check out these packaging image tips:
We’re going to clear an area large enough to cover it with a thick, soft blanket for added protection. Here, we can concentrate on selecting the picture packing box and materials suitable for your picture, and take the picture out of the photo frame.
The photo frame is the safest container to protect the picture, so we can use the photo frame to protect the picture first.
Lay the frame glass-side down on the wrapping paper. Wrap the frame like a gift.

Tape all edges of the wrapping paper on the frame with tape.

Repeat steps 3 and 4, wrapping another layer of wrapping paper with bubble wrap.

This step protects the bottom of the frame.

Push the sides of the box together firmly. Fill any excess space with stuffed wrappers.

 Mark the contents of each box with a marker so you can find it later.

Customize picture packing box with JERL

How to make your pictures preserved intact, this is an important job. Therefore, you should use a professional picture packing box to pack your precious pictures. I believe that JERL packing will choose the most suitable picture packing box for you. If you have any information to know, please contact us.

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