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Customized Boxes

Posted On: 2023-04-10 hqt

High-end customized boxes that are stylish & durable. Perfect for subscription boxes, eCommerce packaging, or retail display. Choose from mailer shipping boxes, rigid boxes, simple soft boxes, sleeve boxes, and some other Special-shaped!

A Quick Start Guide To Customized Boxes

Before you jump into creating your customized packaging box concepts and designing your own box, you may have some basic questions. Read on to get a clearer understanding of different types of boxes and their benefits, various materials and printing options, and some things to keep in mind when using online design tools. 


Before starting to do customized boxes, you need to confirm what kind of box is suitable for your product and the positioning of your brand. Of course, with different box shapes, the cost is different. When it comes to box types and styles, there may be more options than you had imagined. The box shape we are doing now is heart boxes, pillow boxes, gable boxes, cylinder boxes, Square Boxes, Rectangular Boxes, Hexagon boxes, Flat Gift Boxes, Pyramid Boxes, and simple soft boxes. The quality of each of these box types has been tested and proven by our teams in our facility for decades.

Mailer box

Send your customers the total package with a smart and sturdy mailer box that shows off your brand’s style. Works great in the mail as e-commerce packaging or subscription box as well as gift boxes or on the shelves for retail. It is made of corrugated boxes, and the corrugated boxes have a different flute. Customers choose different flutes according to the size of their box and the weight of their product.

Flat Gift Box

These sleek and easy-to-assemble boxes are the best for quick and easy fulfillment of small orders or shipping flat items like books or artwork. As the name implies, it’s all printed on one solid piece of material ready to be folded and shaped in a snap. 




If you know the size of the box you want when you want customized boxes, you can provide us with the box length, width, and height of the box directly. If you only know the size of the product and don’t know the size of the box, it doesn’t matter, we will have a professional team recommend you the box size according to your product.



With the development of society and the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher. Generally, common packaging is printed, and box printing was divided into CMYK printing and Pantone printing. In addition, some luxury products will have their own brands. In order to highlight their brands, they will also do special craftsmanship on the logo. such as spot UV printing, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, and so on.

Cmyk Printing Vs Pantone Printing

CMYK, also known as the four-color system, represents the colors used in the printing color process: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This process of printing colors is commonly used in inkjet printers, such as those found in homes and offices. It produces a wide range of secondary colors by combining four colors in various ways. Pantone printing, on the other hand, is color-specific and requires a highly precise mixing of inks to create precise colors. It uses predetermined colors to “match” a certain color used in the design process. Hence, it is called the Pantone matching system.
The main difference between CMYK and Pantone printing is the level of accuracy. The Pantone process is more consistent, and the printed color is basically 100% consistent with the Pantone color. However, it is also more expensive than CMYK in most cases, especially if the print jobs are small. With CMYK, bundling different jobs together is easier than with Pantone. For Pantone print jobs, the machine must be prepared for each different print job. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to use the Pantone system to run large print jobs than small print jobs.
Differences between CMYK and Pantone should be considered when deciding which color processing to use. If the design of the box or the color of the brand is relatively monotonous, Pantone is a better choice. If the design or branding of the box is in color, CMYK is the best choice. Which printing to use, it depends on the color of your box and brand.




Box Material

The shape of the box determines what material he will use the mailing box is made of corrugated paper, the gift box is made of cardboard, and the softbox is made of ivory paper. Some high-end products even use gold paper or holographic paper.

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