custom pink gift boxes

Pink– a color that women of almost all ages love! If you are still worried about gifts for moms, wives/lovers, friends, and daughters during the various holidays, customize our pink gift boxes! These versatile pink gift boxes can be used for gift giving, gift wrapping, and more. Boomboxes are great for great wedding boxes, birthday party boxes, bridesmaid boxes, baby decorative boxes, and Valentine’s Day boxes! 
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First step : Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .

Second step : We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .

Third step : We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .

Fourth step : We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.
Normally our lead time is 10-12 working days.
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others.

About Pink gift box, what you will get from this ariticle as below?

Customized high-end pink gift boxes

light pink box

To meet different age groups, holiday women
I believe that many men will have such trouble, throughout the year, 214 Valentine’s Day, 38 Queen’s Day, 314 white Day, Christmas, wife’s birthday, wedding anniversary… Some gentlemen even arrange children’s Day and Mother’s Day. The pattern of a gift has been about to lose inspiration, some iron and steel straight male gifts tread thunder, ridicule “female heart needle”. A woman’s mind is very easy to guess, any gift packaging on our pink gift boxes, instantly makes it high!

Custom pink gift boxes for mom 

奢华皮革手拿包——手袋吸引了各个年龄段的女性。这些粉红色的礼盒不仅实用,而且很有女人味。天然珍珠项链 Simple mind 天然珍珠项链选用天然优质珍珠,充满纯洁温柔的魅力,浅紫色更配颜色。高档桑蚕丝围巾优雅妈妈怎能少了丝巾来衬托美,比围巾式的优雅,非常适合时尚妈妈来搭配服装。作为生日礼物也是不错的选择,桑蚕丝面料,很有质感。而柔软细腻的肌肤再次轻抚,表面充满光泽感,十分优雅。您可以选择印花或刺绣,两者都很漂亮。送妈妈经常梳头对保健很有好处,可以保护和滋养头发,促进身体健康。一把梳子帮助妈妈抚平头发,让妈妈感受到你的孝心。梳理头发会更加愉快!这些特点、功能和礼物,再加上我们的粉色礼盒,一定会勾起妈妈的少女心,让她越来越年轻!我们的粉色礼盒可以让您的妈妈感到幸福!

large pink gift box

Custom pink gift boxes for marriage proposal celebrations

pink boxes

Perfect hiding place for wedding rings, balloons, and flowers, give your beloved lady the biggest surprise and touch! Marriage is sacred, two people who love each other from acquaintance happened to fall in love, and finally, marriage is a wonderful process, whether it’s love at first sight flash marriage or two of a kind of long-living feeling, finally decided to walk into my marriage gave his life to each other when are necessary with aflame mood, and women in love always looking forward to having a perfect proposal that she would never forget, So what do men give when proposing?
Propose marriage ring is the most traditional gift, but also the most can express a couple of sincere feelings and mind, whether it is a shiny noble diamond ring or an exquisitely beautiful platinum ring, regardless of the ring value, it conveys love cannot be measured in money, it is represented by the commitment to your lover, with our Box of loading, More shows you to the lover proposal ceremony grand and cherish. 

Romantic propose balloons and flowers, propose the boys must choose a warm romantic space, can be simple layout can also be prepared, and the balloon is decorated venue the best choice, in our custom of large size pink box, hand directly by dragging a or a proposal is no problem, the balloon for a balloon your love story. Want to make a romantic scene certainly little not flower, a bunch of flowers in both hands is very need, the rose that symbolizes love is first selection, of course, sunflower, all over the sky star the bouquet of a few symbolizing good love also is very good. Let your bride say “yes” to you in front of family and friends. 

Custom pink gift boxes for your daughter -- what should be inside?

There are many choices of gifts for daughters, such as music boxes, clothes, school bags, and beautiful dolls are also the best choices for daughters. It’s always hard to imagine a good gift for your daughter. Super cheap gifts seem light and boring. If you follow the crowd, it’s hard to stand out.

Put on her favorite doll

For gift recipients, they love the mystery of receiving a precious gift. Bilberry dolls are irresistible to all girls, crispy and intense macaroni melting in the mouth, with the scent of fruit cake, as if you close your eyes and walk down Chambers Street. Starry night sky wishing bottle this is Yuan bottle is also drifting bottle. The candy gift box is filled with warm and romantic thoughts and sweet wishes! A crystal clear wishing bottle, loaded with a few colorful candies, like a magic ball, is not only lovely but also can eat oh. As a fun birthday gift for your daughter is also very fun! These lovely small gifts after our pink box packaging, arouse the curiosity of children and open the hierarchical mechanism like the packaging to give children a sense of mystery. 
small pink boxes
pink magnetic gift box

Home of the carousel 

There is a dream merry-go-round in the heart of every little man, accompanied by the melody of music, rolling merrily, forgotten sorrow. Very delicate egg carving music box, exquisite workmanship, and high-grade material, so that it looks particularly atmospheric and dreamlike. Repertoire Sukiyaki Jun configuration of the city of the sky, the melody is beautiful and gentle, I believe that people who have received such a gift are not excited! 

Collection of cute dried flowers and small gifts 

The lovely color of the box gift box, paired with a box silk ribbon and a bouquet of box and-dried flowers, is charming. Lively and playful, like is in the teenage years of the artless girl inadvertently showing clever and gentle feelings. Impress your daughter with this cute little box. The custom Box protects gifts ranging from simple and lively to elegant and elegant. It is reliable storage and display space for your carefully selected items including jewelry, watches, lipsticks, memory cards, candies, small necklaces, small clothing accessories, earrings, large pendant beads, USB drives, and more. Built-in cotton padding protects gifts from scratches and shocks. This box carton requires no glue or tape and is easily reassembled. The custom small-size pink gift boxes are perfect for packing, mailing, and giving small photo albums, handmade cookies, small soaps, plush toys, or other small items. The cute and fun appearance satisfies the princess’s dreams and the girly hearts of children! 
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Custom romantic pink gift boxes for your wife -- anniversary or Valentine's Day 

Around the person who will accompany you through life, is the most need to care about, gentle, this person is not other people, is the child’s mother, your wife.
For newly married couples, youth is the capital, how happy how to come, presumably men have a general heart, honeymoon travel, eating and drinking and playing naturally, as for practical gifts, such as Brand of lipstick box, protect skin to taste outfit, collarbone chain, thermostatic cup, t-shirts, LED cosmetic mirror, cosmetics, warm palace belts, beauty apparatus, jewelry boxes, watches, wallets, perfumes, brand bags, pearl accessories, nutrition, steamed face filling water meter, mobile phone, books, beauty sprayer, these are often used at ordinary times, send these to let her become more beautiful, I’m sure your wife won’t say no to our pink gift boxes.
Old husband and wife, the marriage will become very dull, one person is responsible for making money to support the family, one person takes care of the children to do the housework, sweet words and romance are less, at this time the gift must be sent, to take care of the family to take care of her children a comfort. Among the 20 gifts given to my wife, these are the most practical, such as a foot bath, massage chair, shawl, hair accessories, sleep pillow, sweeping robot, cervical massage instrument, health pot, pet, hand warmer, humidifier, etc., so that she can worry less and enjoy more time. These ordinary and common gifts are instantly transformed into unique expressions of love with the embellishment and packaging of our pink gift boxes. In the most beautiful fairy tale, not the prince and princess lived a happy life from now on, but in the trivial time, and you hand in hand through the years of firewood, rice, oil, and salt, time easy old man is not old, while still can accompany each other, occasionally express her concern, for her to prepare a romantic bar!

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Thank female clients as business contacts and give female subordinates as rewards 

pink birthday box

“The customer is King” is a fundamental principle in business relationships, and gift-giving has unconsciously become an important part of our dealings with customers. The gift to the customer represents your respect for the customer and thank the customer for your business support, 55 degrees thermostat warm cup, automatic heating coaster mug lady pen ink gift box, briefcase brand, and packaging are your best choices.

The best gift a woman can give a client is one that expresses herself. If your female clients like it, then you can give some meaningful gifts, such as woman’s brands, bags, lighters, and so on. If you want to show a woman’s preference, you can give her something she likes, such as a watch, perfume, etc. These gifts don’t just have to fit his taste. Send customer gifts to have a sense of quality, vary from person to person, if this is a big customer because they have to move for some time. General gifts are more, commemorative, and meaningful. If young ladies, you can give some health care gifts, such as thermos, cups, cutlery, etc., are very welcome. Our pink gift boxes on the package, which you can use as gifts to a female client are a plus for your relationship. You can also customize the unique golden grain case pink gift boxes, the seal can also be printed on the enterprise logo, enhance your corporate image, special custom hand-held pink gift boxes, easy to carry, the pink gift boxes are mysterious, so that your business gifts are more special.

Pink gift boxes for female employees company benefits 

When the female festival comes, the company will provide them with welfare products, which reflects the company’s care and gratitude to the majority of female employees, and also let everyone deeply feel the warmth of the new century family. I believe that in the future, the majority of female employees of the company will redouble their efforts to work and encourage them to contribute more to the development of the company.  LED cosmetic mirror, U-shaped massage pillow, small ornaments, chocolate, and other small gifts, combined with our pink gift boxes, will instantly enhance your product quality to a higher level, special care for employees in special woman’s festivals, highlighting the company’s humanistic care. 
pink boxes for packaging

Business purposes

Our pink gift boxes for Custom business goods display
Custom small size gift box with a lid can be used for gift giving and gift packaging.

customers for enterprise promotional gifts are also very important, the general customer will give some permission to deepen the customer’s cooperation promotion of small gifts, which are loved by customers. So, in the store meeting gift, if the customer gift to the customer, can look together to see what kind of gift will make the customer’s gift will be more innovative and publicity effect. The heart-shaped, round, square gift box, with or without a lid decorative textured paper design, in a variety of styles, pink gift boxes lined with broken wrinkle paper or wrapped with ribbon or tie, upgrade your gift box into an unforgettable and beautiful surprise!
For gifts, sales should be to understand the customer is not also some, but if the gift is a gift that is conducive to enterprise publicity, sometimes give brands, customized gifts we should according to the needs of enterprises, choose the right gift. Our various cardboard pink gift boxes are made of high-quality cardboard, double thickness design, environmental protection, durable, solid and reliable, perfect presentation of your gift, reusable, affordable, bulk purchase, please consult customer service to give more preferential treatment.

pink packaging boxes
Let’s Start A New Project Together

Benefits of our custom pink gift boxes

  • Quick assembly, convenient storage.

    The one-button folding design allows you to assemble and shape a flat-pack pink gift box in seconds. The pink gift boxes are made of thick cardboard and are durable, so you don't need to worry about being crushed or damaged even when packing heavy items. The pink gift boxes body is made of paper from a well-managed forest, high-quality environmentally friendly wood, high-quality recyclable new paper, safe and non-toxic, double thick base, reliable, safe and durable, and reusable. 

  • Rich in color and unique in style.

    The designer's unique design uses rich colors, gorgeous patterns, and colors to make these gift boxes full of romantic temperament and a festive atmosphere for all types of occasions. Special with a light pink box ribbon, lively color with high-end fabrics, bring you a different kind of vitality and romance! 

  • Different sizes, various functions 

    These lovely pink boxes make your gifts perfect for all holidays and occasions. Unique custom design allows you to choose a variety of sizes to load your gifts. Small size pink gift boxes give your gift a personalized feel and are the perfect choices of candies, silk scarves, chocolates, handmade cookies, perfumes, and other small gifts. When you receive the pink gift boxes, they come in a flat package and are easy to assemble according to our instructions. No extra tape is required to complete the package. Our pink gift boxes have gone through a rigorous international testing and certification process and can be used safely to wrap gifts such as food and cosmetics.    The custom large pink gift boxes give you plenty of room for romantic flowers, proposal cakes, romantic balloons, cute large dolls, skincare kits, and anything else you need to place. Specially customized butterfly 3D decorative box body, soft pink gift boxes color, bring infinite vitality, let the box become your family and friends holiday dinner table bright leading role. 

  • Material safety can be home or office storage 

    The pink gift boxes adopt high-grade cardboard, large capacity and durable, strong quality heavy  Type cardboard outsources internally and externally. In addition to cardboard, pink gift boxes are made from high-quality wood from well-managed forests, and for large sizes pink gift boxes, the adhesive tape is produced by a German company specializing in adhesive tape. These sturdy boxes can be used as reusable pink gift boxes, electronic mobile phones, component boxes, clothing, purses, dresses, handbags, toys, perfume, mugs, sunglasses, documents, books, CD/DVD boxes, and more for home or office use. The multifunctional storage function can put any items you like into the gift box; It is not only a pink gift box but also a practical storage box. The ribbon of the custom packaging box can be changed to your favorite color ribbon, or you can customize the plain color without a pattern, so that the gift box can become your creative DIY painting for Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, birthday party, mother's Day. 

Satin gift boxes with a hidden strong magnetic seal inside that can be opened and closed multiple times without any problems. It can be used for daily necessities or the storage of seasonal decorative items. The pink gift boxes can be reused many times, a simple combination does not need to look for fancy wrapping paper, each color ribbon wrapping your gift can perfectly present your carefully selected gift, all in this one solution! You can fill the interior with a string of pearls, a bouquet of handmade roses, a warm painting… Open these simple pink gift boxes to give your gift a perfect presentation! The high-end customized pink gift boxes package includes luxury pink gift boxes, paper gift bags, exquisite cards, and tissues, a delicate combination to bring mother the warmest and most moving holiday wishes! 
pink gift boxes wholesale
magnetic gift boxes wholesale
magnetic box
magnetic gift box
large magnetic gift box

Perfect design of pink packaging box

Unlike ordinary rectangular gift boxes, customized box hexagon gift boxes are more attractive to your lover’s eyes. Paired with a unique double door design, a cluster of air-lifted cherry Lafitte, elegant and elegant ribbon, and a well-textured wavy surface, is the perfect gift loader for Valentine’s Day! Everything romantic: sparkling diamonds, romantic jewelry, roses, stylish gift cards, red candles, beloved bags, scented perfume, or cologne. These pretty pink gift boxes can be wrapped with ribbons and filled with special shredded paper to impress your wife! The custom fold-able pink gift boxes are flat when you receive them and are easy to pop into sturdy containers for loading and decorating your special gifts. A beautiful pink gift box is sure to make your gift on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, wife’s birthday Perfect for New Year’s, or any other occasion that requires gifting. Custom-covered square and heart-shaped pink gift boxes with decorative textures and design styles create a romantic atmosphere to elevate your gift into a beautiful and unforgettable memory! 
pink cardboard box

Custom large bright pink gift boxes

pink packaging boxes
Satin gift boxes with a hidden strong magnetic seal inside that can be opened and closed multiple times without any problems. It can be used for daily necessities or the storage of seasonal decorative items. The pink gift boxes can be reused many times, a simple combination does not need to look for fancy wrapping paper, each color ribbon wrapping your gift can perfectly present your carefully selected gift, all in this one solution! You can fill the interior with a string of pearls, a bouquet of handmade roses, a warm painting… Open these simple pink gift boxes to give your gift a perfect presentation! The high-end customized pink gift boxes package includes luxury pink gift boxes, paper gift bags, exquisite cards, and tissues, a delicate combination to bring mother the warmest and most moving holiday wishes! 

Reliable quality, environment-friendly material, and high quality

The pink gift boxes are made of high-quality cardboard, which will not scratch, fade, deformation, and waterproof. Happy wedding, lively birthday party, warm mother’s day, happy holidays, sacred graduation ceremony, happy housewarming banquet, and other special holiday gift protection, packaging, and gift. It can add nobility, warmth, elegance, and flexibility to your gift. When your relatives, friends, or loved ones receive gifts wrapped in this gift box, they will be warm and touched. 
magnetic gift boxes with ribbon wholesale

What information do you need to give me a quote?

  • Send us your die cut

  • Send us sample​

  • No die cut ? no sample ?​

We can offer you price if you advise these below information: 1.Die cut file (Al, CDR, PDF) 2.Material ( art paper,texture paper, cardboard) 3.Surface treatment (CMYK printing, Pantone printing, gold foil hot stamping,spot UV and etc....) 4.Box insert with tray or not. 5.Order quantity
If you don't have die cut,sample is also helpful ,we will draw the die cut according to you sample (1-2daysfor drawing time). and we will send die cut for your final approval before start to do the sample.
You can measure your products size or tell us the box size you need, you can get our own custom marble box. We have a professional after-sales team, providing 24 hours online service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with us! Thanks very much!
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