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Why choose the gift box carefully? This is to make your gift even better! Among the many gift boxes, the Partition Box, as a unique packaging form, has attracted more and more people’s attention. What is a partition? The clapboard is a piece of pre-cut, slotted particle board or corrugated cardboard. The separators can be made of foam or rigid, flat recycled paper. Baffles are usually custom-made to fit the box or the product they protect.

What is the use of the Partition Box?

These lightweight and durable custom packaging dividers are great for keeping products from bumping into each other during shipping, making them ideal for shipping multiple items in one box. It is a very good choice for jewelry, medicine, food, and other items, which can make your items clear at a glance and present in a perfect display box. Home or retail can be all satisfied!

This beautiful Partition Box is perfect for those who want to store their items individually. The box is made of corrugated material and can also be customized to your favorite color, with the edges creating a vintage look. The top is covered with a collage of French objects such as the Eiffel Tower, lilies, French stamps, old paper, and red roses and printed with your name or logo for advertising.

What are the advantages of paper Partition Box?

Box partitions are safe for food.

Shipping food and beverage products present some unique challenges. In addition to normal shipping issues (such as making sure your product arrives in one piece), it’s important to ensure that any of your packaging materials don’t pose a hazard to your customers. Our custom Partition Box can help you find a safe and effective solution.

Solved the problem of plastic.

Plastic has long been a traditional shipping material, but it has fallen out of favor in recent years. Many affordable plastic shipping products contain chemicals linked to various health problems, including cancer. While BPA-free plastics do exist, they tend not to be widely used in paper Partition Box and other shipping products.

Safe Zoning, Food Safety Solutions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find safer packaging solutions. At JERL, we offer a wide variety of options for food and beverage packaging and distribution, and clapboard boxes are one of the best examples. Some of our most popular choices for food manufacturers are clapboards.

Clapboards, also known as solid bleached sulfate boards, are an excellent choice for food products because they have no odor or taste that could alter the flavor of the product. The material is also FDA-approved for food packaging, so you don’t have to worry about any chemical contamination or safety concerns.

Attractive looking, economical option.

Partition Boxes come in crisp colors and a slight sheen to create a stylish look that highlights your products. The protective coating also helps prevent staining. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to cut to custom sizes to handle any product. Partition Boxes are a popular option. They are especially suitable for bottled or packaged food because they are lightweight and economical while still providing adequate protection, and the clapboard boxes can be easily customized to suit a variety of needs.

We offer custom finishes in a variety of designs, and we also offer a variety of thicknesses to protect everything from glass beverage bottles to individual food items. Whether you’re making gourmet chocolate, shipping baked goods, or shipping wine bottles, we can help you find the perfect box divider for your needs.

How to customize the Partition Box that suits you?

First, you need to measure the size of the gift.

Beverages, bread, stationery, etc. small packaged goods, jewelry, watches, and other personal items, according to the size difference of the items, customize the suitable size Partition Box.

Second, choose the look style you want, or you can design and create it yourself.

According to different products, design partitions of different sizes, so that your items are readily available in one space. Increase efficiency and save time. At the same time, the Partition Box appearance can be designed with your favorite pattern style.

A minimalist style of Partition Box

The minimalist style can make the whole space look open and smooth, which not only enlarges the sense of space but also makes the packaging design more visual. Of course, the minimalist style refers to the simple decoration with nothing, but to taste the elegant quality of life in the simple life and feel the minimalist clothing.

A classic style of Partition Box

Classic style is a kind of the beauty of mix and match. It is designed with the help of various styles and styles. This style can meet the different appreciation needs of more customers, and can also attract young people who are pursuing fashion trends. A family, so it is also highly respected at present.

Partition Box Naturalism

With the rise of environmental awareness, people are paying more and more attention to the importance of the natural environment to health. Many gift packaging box designers choose to integrate green and environmental protection concepts into the design of gift packaging boxes so that the whole gift box is full of natural gas, which not only delights customers but is also a good space decoration.

Finally, you can also customize the corresponding pattern or tagline.

Personalized patterns or slogans can make your gift box more recognizable and make gift box stand out.
Partition Box
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What are the advantages of our Partition Box?

Our facilities allow us to maintain a large stock of roll and flat board stock and corrugated board stock for many grades and corrugated boards. We have machines to meet every design need and our capabilities include unit sizes ranging in length and width.

JERL has strict quality control procedures to ensure that all measurements, specifications, and special instructions are met. Most separators are custom made and our customers do not charge for molds. We also offer special design features including chamfers for easy insertion, orientation marks, friction clamping, and interlocking dies. We can design any recipe box to match your trim color. Just email us.

If you don't know which material suitable for your product, you can contact us, we will give you some professional advice according to your product .
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