Custom Flat Gift Box

A high-end flat gift box is a very popular box type in the modern packaging market. These boxes are widely used in clothing packaging, cosmetic packaging, handicraft packaging, electronic product packaging, beauty packaging boxes, etc.
The custom flat box packaging is usually made of paper material, which is easily degradable and environmentally friendly. The ready-made paper flat gift box has the same shape and packaging function as the ordinary paper magnet box. Like the ordinary magnet box, the flat gift box has a typical flip structure, which has a good display effect. The flip opening of the box adopts a magnetic structure, so consumers can easily open and close the box.

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Q: How to process the order ?
1.Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .
2.We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .
3.We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .
4.We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: What’s shipping option ?
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfied your quality,how will you do?
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box ?
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .

Q: What’s the logo craft ?
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.

Q: What’s lead time for bulk order ?
Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have Europe EPR tax number?
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make payment?
T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.


The biggest benefit of this flat gift box is its collapsible nature. That is to say, the flat gift box unfolds like a piece of cardboard, and when folded, it becomes a paper gift box, which dramatically saves storage space and shipping costs, especially helpful when the boxes are large and take up much space. Rapid process has become a necessity in recent years. Because the folding carton has the characteristics of low processing cost, convenient storage, and transportation, suitable for various printing methods, convenient sales, and display, suitable automatic packaging, good recycling, environmental protection, etc. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for cartons will continue to increase. With improved production and quality there also comes higher requirements. In the post-press processing of folding cartons, the technological development trend to improve product quality and production efficiency is the use of continuous production and automatic waste removal.
If you are going to design the flat gift boxes that best suit your products, this article will serve as your guide!

Advantages of Flat Gift Boxes

save shipping cost

More and more customers like to use flat gift boxes not only as a gift but also as normal packaging. Due to high shipping costs, 90% space-saving flat boxes are the most attractive option for customers when choosing packaging products. Flat Gift Boxes can be flat-packed and folded into a magnetic box, saving transportation space and freight. Compared with the non-flat gift box of the same size, the flat gift box can save more than 80% of the packaging volume. Now international transportation and logistics costs are high, and folding boxes can save a lot of transportation costs.

save storage cost

Paper flat box packaging can also save more than 80% of storage space and greatly reduce storage costs. For example, your warehouse can only hold 1,000 non-flat boxes, but it can hold from 8,000 to 10,000 custom flat gift boxes.


The flat paper box is reusable. After consumers buy the product, they can save the beautiful flat paper gift box for other daily necessities. In this way, a box with your brand logo on it creates a lasting advertisement for your brand.


The flat gift box is very convenient to use. During shipping, the flat box folds flat inside the carton. When you receive the bulk paper box, you take out the folding box from the carton, press the folding box with both hands, and stand up, it becomes a charming gift box again. To fix the shape, we will add 3M double-sided tape or magnets to the four corners of the folding box, so that the shape can be fixed.


Flat boxes are mostly made of deep-density cardboard and wrapped with printed paper, most of which are laminated because lamination makes the paper stronger. Flat gift boxes require multiple folds, so the paper needs to be strong enough. Some other imitation leather paper, PU paper, has good flexibility and is also widely used in folding boxes.

new shape designs

As flat boxes have become more popular, more and more box structures have been designed. Now it is not only box-shaped and book-shaped but also has innovative designs, attracting more customers to order.

Which Materials Are Recommended for Your Flat Gift Boxes

Sturdy Corrugated Flat Gift Boxes

Corrugated boxes are also known as shipping boxes. As the name suggests, this packaging material is ideal for shipping products. All major industries use corrugated boxes for product packaging for safe delivery to target markets. These boxes ship large quantities of products worldwide without any damage. Corrugated boxes have a traditional rectangular shape. Now, though, you can put them in flat stacks. This tends to be a popular product packaging material in the packaging market.

Corrugated cardboard forms corrugated boxes. Its property can be customized according to your needs for some products need more secure packaging. In this regard, you can add extra layers (usually three) to them to make them stronger and thus effectively protect the product. Therefore, different types of fiberboard and corrugated lamination processes lead to the manufacture of corrugated boards. The cardboard is heavy-duty pulp cardboard. Brands can use corrugated packaging materials for packaging different products, such as electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, and food items such as chips, cereals, chips, and biscuits.

Biodegradable Kraft Flat Gift Boxes

In today’s world, people love to buy products with nature-friendly packaging designs. In this regard, if your product packaging does not use biodegradable/environmentally friendly materials, it takes risks to not stand out from the market. Kraft paper is perfect for green packaging and a better choice than standard cartons. You can customize the kraft carton with unlimited design options and change it to any shape and size according to your product specifications. Also, you can print the kraft box with your brand logo to enhance its appeal. This material is also cost-effective for your brand. The utilization rate of kraft paper packaging materials is very high, from small to large product manufacturing enterprises. This material is widely used in food packagings, such as biscuit boxes, pizza boxes, and pastry boxes.

There are two main types of kraft paper, white kraft paper, and brown kraft paper. White kraft paper is suitable for printing, while brown kraft paper is only suitable for product packaging. Brown kraft paper is made from wood pulp and white kraft paper is made from bleached wood pulp. White Kraft food packaging is a healthier, natural-friendly, economical, and cost-effective option. This packaging material is fully recyclable. In short, it is the best packaging solution for food packaging.

Rigid Flat Gift Boxes

The rigid flat gift box is made of high-quality thick paper. Rigid packaging is a bit complicated as it requires high investment and custom packaging design. Rigid boxes are carefully packaged in every way and feature custom printing that sets them apart from other packaging materials. This product packaging material is best for luxury, fragile, and expensive items. Brands use custom rigid boxes for luxury packaging. With the help of custom hard cases, you can communicate with your customers, give them a luxurious feel, and enhance their product unboxing experience.

Additionally, rigid packaging offers great printing and design options. In this way, you can increase brand awareness and increase sales quickly. People love attractive, unique, and colorful packaging and try to buy them instead of traditional boxes. In addition, a rigid box with your brand logo can showcase your brand image and make your product famous in the retail market. However, hardpack is a second name for “premium packaging”; buyers often use hard packs for other purposes. This way, they can effectively market your brand.

In conclusion, rigid packaging materials are the best choice for luxury brand promotion. Also, you can easily customize it according to your taste, investment, and product specifications.

CUSTOM Flat Gift Box

Types of Flat Gift Boxes

Flat Gift Boxes with Magnetic Closure

Our flat gift box with magnetic closure is a perfect packaging solution for retailers and gift-givers who don’t want to sacrifice style for cost and storage space. These flat gift boxes can be assembled in seconds, and the finished box has the look and feel of a high-end rigid box. Our flip-top flat gift boxes have magnets hidden in the lid so they can close very quickly and stay securely closed to protect the product inside. These gift boxes are also easy to fold and can be reused many times due to their sturdy and high-quality construction.

Because of the way these boxes are designed, they are the perfect gift box for retailers looking to offer high-end displays with less effort. These magnetic gift boxes are easy to store, easy to assemble, and quite reusable. One of the best features of these boxes is that due to their durability, they can be disassembled and reused many times. Your gift box won’t lose quality when you reassemble it multiple times. Assembling these boxes takes just seconds and the magnetic lid closes securely. The box can be easily opened by simply pulling a ribbon inside the box. These gift boxes can be decorated with ribbons, bows, or tissue paper and can help you create a beautiful display for your items.

Our Magnetic Folding Gift Boxes are available in stunning glossy colors, textured leatherette finishes, and matte natural kraft paper for a more natural look. We have sizes for many different uses and boxes for wine and beverage bottles. Our luxurious magnetic wine bottle gift boxes make packaging your wine easier than ever. Wine bottle gift boxes are available in black or white, with one or two bottles. If you want a luxurious box for storing items or gifts, look no further than our magnetic flat gift Box.

Flat Gift Boxes with Card Inserts

In addition to the room advantage, the card inserts endow the flat gift box with additional benefits. One of the most significant advantages of a flat gift box with card inserts is that it isolates one object from another so that it can ensure that the products do not collide with each other, thus avoiding the risk of damage or wear. Object integrity is properly maintained. Apart from this outstanding benefit, another fantastic benefit is that it can be used perfectly as a storage box. It stores objects longer. This stylish and charming carton is very useful, especially for cosmetics and medicines. Instead of storing each lipstick case, you can safely store multiple lipsticks in one package. Likewise, you can fit a large number of syringes in one container without damage.

Cardboard box inserts are the perfect packaging solution for many products. They can save the expense of wrapping each object in a separate package. Therefore, it proved to be very economical. These must fit your product as the same size does not fit everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to share the details of your products and the required dimensions of your product partitions. In terms of turnaround, it’s delivered to your door in just a few business days. Exactly like a custom printed box, the size of the cardboard divider is very important. So we focus on those and provide you with the perfect business niche.

Flat Gift Boxes with Windows

The flat gift box with a window is a special folding cardboard box that allows you to make eye contact directly with the product without touching it. Usually, when presenting your product to customers, you have two options: either show them part of the product or show them what they will get if they buy it. You can do this by designing a custom box with a window. We can help you create product packaging that looks great. If desired, you can add windows to the bag to show the inside. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes of windows. You can just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen for you.
These windows can be of any shape or size, just like boxes. In addition, your products will be protected from the weather and will not be damaged by the weather. The use of custom window frames is increasingly popular with businesses. They are accepted for their style and professional presentation, which is the main reason for their acceptance. They display your products so well that they don’t need to be decorated in any other way.
The size of the box and what you want to put in it is entirely up to you, for we have sizes for many different uses and boxes for all kinds of industries. At JERL Packaging, we can print your box to whatever you like. Thus we need to know how strong and how much the ink should be to print on the box. They are also available in stunning glossy colors, textured leatherette finishes, and matte natural kraft paper for a more natural look.


Finishes That Add Appeal To Your Products

To create the personalized packaging that best suits your company, it is essential to understand all types of finishes which change from carton printing to varnishes, to stamping or laminates. In this way, we will achieve the perfect packaging for our brand and our customers. The following are just a few of the finishes. If you want to know more details, professional designers at JERL Packaging are glad to help you.

Offset Printing

Offset printing involves applying generally oily ink on a metal plate, usually composed of an aluminum alloy. It is made with a single color plate which can be cyan, magenta, yellow or black, and also white paper. Mixing different percentages of these four colors can reproduce almost any hue, except metallic or phosphorescent. That’s why it’s called four-color printing, and it’s the most commonly used system for high volume and large format today.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the evolution of offset printing. It features direct printing from computer to machine, avoiding the intermediate costs that exist in offset printing (lithography and/or printing plates, ink preparation, machines, etc.). It is commonly used for labels, prototypes, corrugated boxes and laminates, and films for flexible packaging. It is the most commonly used system for small batches and small sizes today, so it is recommended if you need to sell and ship boxes but have very few quantities.


Stamping, also known as thermal engraving or thermal printing, is a technique of marking or dry printing by thermal transfer. It is made from a substrate of the pressed film (foil) and the pattern is transferred to materials such as cardboard, fabric, plastic, or wood by heating. The matrix is made of high heat transfer materials such as magnesium, bronze, aluminum, or polymers. It is the system with the highest quality and most expensive finish and is typically used in the context of alcoholic beverages, although it is increasingly common to see stamped finishes in gourmet products.

UVI Varnish

UVI technology involves applying varnish on the base design to accentuate specific areas of the format we are screen printing; they can be shapes, letters, outlines, etc. Varnishes with glossy and matte effects are available. It can also be used to protect prints from scratches, scuffs, or stains as it creates an extra layer of safety. The most important and sought-after effect of this effect is created in the design and printing of related documents, it also adds an elegant and premium touch to any packaging.

Process To Order Custom Paper Flat Gift Boxes At JERL Packaging

Just send us an inquiry email and our professional salesman can help you easily customize your own paper folding gift box. The customization process is as follows:


First of all, you should tell us the size of the box you need. Note that there are usually a few differences between the inside and outside dimensions of the box. So please clarify if it’s the inside size of the box or the outside size of the box. Or you can tell us your product size, our packaging engineer can help you determine the right size of cardboard flat gift box.

printing pattern

You can feel free tell us your printing pattern for box packaging. For example, you should clarify whether it is a colored print design or monochrome print design, whether the inner surface of the box needs to be printed or whether it needs some surface treatment decoration such as embossing, spot UV, matte, etc. Then our packaging engineers will have a basic understanding of the packaging you need.


The order quantity is also important information. The quantity of the order has a big impact on the price. You can get the price of each box cheaper if you order a large quantity. Because the production of paper packaging boxes requires many processes, each process has a setup cost. Large order volume can effectively reduce the average price.

basic information

After knowing the basic information about the paper packaging box you need, we can give you a quotation.

prototypes molds

Our packaging engineers can provide you with custom flat box templates, prototypes, or molds.

packaging design

Your packaging designer can create a packaging design based on the box template.


Our engineers can make samples of customized colors and ship them to you for inspection.

mass production

After you confirm the sample, you pay the order deposit, and we can do mass production.

videos and photos

After the box is made, we can take lots of videos and photos of the box for you to view. Or you can arrange for a third-party on-site inspection.


We can contact our long-term cooperative freight forwarder to help you arrange door-to-door freight service and deliver the goods to your doorstep. Or you can contact your freight forwarder and we will assist in arranging the shipment for you.
We are looking forward to your feedback after receiving the paper packaged goods.
If you are searching for a packaging company to cooperate with, I’m sure JERL Packaging will be the best choice that you can not miss. At JERL Packaging, we have a team of professional designers to design the most suitable flat gift boxes that promise top quality and also charming appearances, as well as the optimal materials and facilitates to cater to all your requirements. If you are interested in designing the flat gift boxes, don’t hesitate to contact us now!
flat Grey Gift Box
If you don't know which kind of box suitable for your product, you can contact us, we will give you some professional advice according to your product .
Please attach your box design (preferably AI and CDR format ). Got multiple files? Put all your files in a folder and compress the folder into ZIP or RAR file. (File Type: AI|CDR|doc|excel|png|jpeg|csv|pdf) Alternatively, send through your RFQ by email. [email protected]
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