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types of favor box

According to the material

There are other materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, etc. Generally, simple products can be packaged in paper, and other high-end products can also be made of special materials to highlight their temperament, such as High-end red wine favor box are generally made of wood.

According to the processing category

It is divided into factory customization and manual customization. The price of the handmade favor box is relatively high, but it has a sense of design and is also very exquisite. It generally meets the requirements of people with higher requirements. “People rely on clothes to be beautiful and beautiful”, a present is also like.Therefore, choosing the right favor box can double its value.

Classification of favor box

socket-type box

The socket-type box has upper and lower ears, the upper part is the same as the bottom, and most of them are split, or the same side can be opened, which is convenient for packaging and has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for light-weight products.

drawer box

The drawer box is divided into two parts: the inner box and the sleeve, which are opened and closed by means of extraction. It uses a lot of paper and the price is slightly higher. It is the same packaging method with better texture as the Tiandi box.

Airplane shaped-box

Airplane shaped box packaging box is a whole piece of chopped paper after being spread out. It is integrated into one piece by structural design, and it does not need to glue the box, which can save processing costs and is often used for express packaging.

Book shape box

Book shape box packaging style is like a book, and the box is opened from the side. The book-shaped box is composed of a front panel and a bottom box. The materials are customized according to the size and function of the packaging box. Some book-shaped boxes require magnets, iron sheets and other materials, which are one of the box-shaped choices for high-end gifts.

Choice of favor box material

According to the material, there are other materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, etc. Generally, simple products can be packaged in paper, and other high-end products can also be made of special materials to highlight their temperament, such as High-end red wine favor boxes are generally made of wood.
Material selection is one of the important elements that reflect the product grade of present packaging box. The materials of favor box commonly used in our lives mainly include paper box, wooden box, leather box, plastic box and metal box, which are all suitable for business favor box .Among them, there are more choices of paper packaging box, wooden packaging box, and leather packaging box. If you want to reflect the high-grade and precious presents, it is best to choose thick material and high-strength paper package box.
Because present packaging needs to be printed more beautifully, it is recommended to use ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging with E-corrugation or above, and the thickness should be controlled at 1mm-2mm. And it is suitable for fine printing. The common embossing process in the production of paper present packaging box, the use of modern engraving technology to make the upper and lower matching female and male molds, the sub-convex and concave process of the hot stamping box is completed at one time, and the rise of embossing technology has reduced the inconvenience caused by the inaccurate process. The cold stamping process of present packaging box has low cost, can save a lot of energy, and has high production efficiency. It is a new and promising new process.

The function of favor box

The exquisite surface plan of the favor box is really powerful for wrapping presents. Many people hear that the first response of the favor box is the box used to wrap presents, right? Of course, the favor box is exactly used to wrap presents, which is its important function and one of the costs of its existence. Why is it “one of the costs of existence”? Since the price of the favor box is far more than just for wrapping presents, it has many other costs and negotiations? Click create packaging to comment and debate with the master about some benefits of favor box!

The favor box can show sincerity well

“Reciprocation” is a constant method of exchange between children and people since ancient times. More and more enterprises and individuals also think of the tension of favor box. Even if it is a valuable present, the packaging will greatly reduce its cost. Similarly, if it can be properly packaged, it will double the cost and stimulate people’s desire to buy. If it is only a simple package, it will make people feel insincere, resulting in some unnecessary problems.

favor box can improve the taste of products

A suitable favor box will greatly improve the taste of the product, especially the favor box made of precious materials such as mahogany favor box, with exquisite singing and excellent materials, can well show the strangeness and cost of presents, and is deeply received by those who need high-end favor box.

The favor box can play a good role in promoting and advocating

In addition to some product information marked with presents, the favor box should also add company information locally in line with the status, which can play a good advocacy effect on an enterprise and is indeed a “campaign advocacy board”, package box with characteristics are more likely to leave a deep impression and catch people’s physiology.
Although the favor box has numerous benefits, the favor box with poor singing skills and no characteristics can’t show these benefits and costs. Therefore, when screening the favor box, we must carefully communicate with the favor box manufacturer, discuss its plan, pattern, material and bearing weight, etc., and we must take the sample of the favor box for testing to see whether it is suitable for our own request. Finally, we confirm that packaging is a good choice.


The advantages of favor box

Protect the product

As packaging, the carton protects the product during transportation. Common packaging boxes generally include gray board and corrugated paper, which can usually be stacked on top of each other to cushion fragile items, such as handicrafts, electrical appliances, cosmetics, and so on. Reasonable design of the box can provide more cushioning and protection for falling items.

The material manufacturing cost is low

Cardboard is inexpensive to produce, usually made from recycled materials, and if bought wholesale, the cost is not very high. Other packaging materials are made of plastic, wood or metal, which are generally more expensive and heavier than cardboard, increasing shipping costs.

The sealing is convenient

Cardboard can be securely sealed into packages in a number of different ways. Because the cardboard is thicker, it is not easy to tear the favor box if it falls to the ground. The surface of the cardboard package also adheres well to glues that seal the package well, effectively holding the cardboard around the item until it is opened.

Flexible and convenient

Some cardboards are strong enough to protect their packaging, while others wrap around items so that no material is wasted, and paper favor box aren’t bulky or difficult to transport or store. The plasticity of paper is also very strong, and they can be designed into packaging boxes of various shapes and sizes according to the product.

Environmental protection

The boxes break down easily, and since few chemicals are used in the manufacture of the boxes, there is no threat to the environment. The principle behind biodegradable products is that the raw materials are effectively returned to their natural state. Eco-friendly cartons can also be used as compost material, which can be turned into a nutrient-rich material.
Gift cartons can occupy a large market, and it must have its unique advantages. When we choose the packaging box, we do not necessarily have to be particularly high-end, we must choose according to our own products. Moreover, favor box are easier to print, and adding some other printing processes, such as: bronzing, UV, super-dumb glue, etc., is also very fashionable.

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The Importance of favor box


The extremely colorful or extremely simple general favor box can already be distinguished from the packaging of general products, so the favor box with a sense of design will definitely stand out among many products. Therefore, the packaging design of the favor box should make more fuss about the packaging structure and material, strive to be high-end, and the color should conform to the overall style of the company and the product, so that the favor box can identify it at a glance. In terms of recognition, we can adopt a “polarization” approach, that is, extreme dazzling or extreme simplicity; extreme dazzling mainly uses colors or patterns to attract attention, and the design expresses a high-end sense, showing a high-end overall; extreme simplicity means It is about expressing more (texture or character, etc.) with the least (pattern or color).


Targeted gifts are mostly used for holiday gifts, interpersonal communication, visits to relatives and other occasions, so the packaging of the favor box should be based on the particularity and use of different gifts.After all, no matter how good the designed packaging is, the product itself cannot pass the test. Only high-quality products and high-quality design, in line with the company’s own brand and product positioning, can stand out from many competitive favor box.

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Souvenirs actually represent the sincere love between people and represent a deep friendship. Both creative and practical souvenirs can add a sweetness and surprise to any occasion. The selection of gifts is very particular, neither can be flashy, but also can not be sublime. That is to say, when you give out a souvenir, you should consider whether the person who receives it can use it, and whether it can make the eyes of the person who uses it shine. Especially the wedding, an important moment in every girl’s dream, when the person you love walks over the red carpet to come to you. Such a happy moment is something you want to share with every friend, so a souvenir is an important carrier.
China is a big country of gift exchange. In many cases, people like to package gifts very delicately, especially some relatively high-end gifts. Therefore, people attach great importance to the packaging of gifts. This is also the oriental a characteristic of man. And what’s so important about the packaging of high-end favor boxes? Let’s talk about it with you.
From the color of the packaging favor box, color is a very important aspect. Because color has a great influence on people’s psychology, and men and women have different preferences for color, they can each form a characteristic. If you want to give gifts to men, choose some high-end favor boxes with cool colors, while women are warm. Toned, warm and sweet colors are the first choice, and children’s innocent characters are suitable for some favor box with bright colors and high color saturation.
For gift packaging favor boxes, what people like is often not how many practical functions it has, but the artistry. Every gift expresses its appearance through packaging, and a beautiful high-end favor box also reflects the right The recipient’s respect, for example, when giving something to others, if you directly take the purchased product and send it to someone, except for people who have a very good relationship, it will feel too casual in the eyes of others, especially when you are asking for others. When giving gifts, it is also a courtesy to have a favor box.
If we choose an item with a packaged favor box as a gift, when we look at a packaged favor box, we will not be able to figure out what is inside. At this time, we will have great curiosity. When we slowly open the gift, there will be A great surprise or excitement, for our psychology of accepting gifts, a beautifully packaged favor box brings us an unexpected sense of excitement, so with the packaged favor box, this gift-giving becomes meaningful, and vice versa If someone gives you something, you can see what it is when you see it, so there is no sense of drama.
A complete gift needs to have a favor box, especially if the person we want to send is someone we respect and love, and a product packaged in a beautiful favor box can also appear to be of high quality at the same time, so many people say that the first The first packaging is to let people know the product, and the high-end favor box is the second packaging of the product, which is a more culturally meaningful first packaging.

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