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As the first coffee beans are picked by people, stabbing the test, grinding, and the first time the first cup of hot coffee is drifting, the coffee planting and coffee culture are on our little planet The legend of communication has become one of the greatest and most romantic stories in history. With the acceleration of the pace of life and the improvement of people’s living standards, the coffee market has a lot of room for market development. Major coffee brands must also seize opportunities to promote product upgrades and updates of coffee box packaging in a timely manner. A variety of coffee brands, in addition to good quality, also need a suitable grade and exquisite coffee box outer packaging, a customized eye -catching coffee box packaging gift box, in addition to making consumers love to increase Sales can also increase the value of the product several times, and the attractive coffee box can complete the value of the product. Coffee box packaging is not only a product container, it is also part of your brand image. When designing coffee box packaging, we should not ignore the color and typesetting of the coffee box.
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Q: How to process the order ?
1.Pls send us the files you have , such as logo AI file , printing file .
2.We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it , and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template .
3.We will show you the video of the finished sample , after you confirmed the sample , we will start to do mass production .
4.We will show you video after the bulk order ready , and then ship out to you .

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: What’s shipping option ?
We can ship by UPS , DHL for small order , and bulk order we can ship by sea , DDP , DDU , CIF service available .

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfied your quality,how will you do?
Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping ?
Each box will pack by poly bag , and 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box , and all the carton corner with plastic protector.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box ?
We can offer paper card lining , EVA lining ,EPE lining , Sponge lining , satin lining , blister lining , I can recommend you suitable lining according to your product .

Q: What’s the logo craft ?
We can do hot stamping logo , UV logo , embossed logo , debossed logo.

Q: What’s lead time for bulk order ?
Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have Europe EPR tax number?
Yes, JERL have got legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make payment?
T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Googel Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.


The packaging design of the coffee box is a comprehensive reflection of brand concepts, product characteristics, and consumer psychology. The design of the coffee box directly affects consumers' desire to buy. We are convinced that packaging is a powerful means to establish products and consumers. Today, economic globalization has been integrated with goods. As a means to realize the value and use value of goods, packaging plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption. It is an important issue that the business community and design have to pay attention to. The function of packaging is to protect goods, convey product information, facilitate use, convenient transportation, promote sales, and increase product added value. As a comprehensive discipline, packaging has the duality of combination of goods and art. Therefore, coffee boxes can not only protect internal coffee damage, but its unique designs of boxes can also help brands attract customers and complete the change of qualitative change.

What is the role of coffee packaging?

Protective items are not protected by the packaging bags that are not destroyed in the packaging, and are damaged by the phenomenon of packaging bags, unintended, collision, and direct sunlight. Therefore, the fundamental effect of the coffee box is to protect the internal items from being damaged.
Increase customer desire and curiosity. For an enterprise, the good and bad of a packaging design directly affects the desire of customers to buy this product. Generally, the products displayed on the shelves have no prominent characteristics and will not choose to buy. The design of the design seriously affects the purchase of consumers. The packaging design of its coffee box can greatly increase the sales of merchants and bring more benefits to merchants. Therefore, the exquisite design and quality of coffee boxes can bring more attention and benefits to the brand.
When the gift of life is coming, a special packaging bag represents the mind and attitude, of course, it is also for convenience. So now people buy a certain item more and more attention to packaging, so the packaging design of the coffee box cannot be underestimated.

Elements of coffee box packaging design

external factors

This shape factors are crucial. Consumers can be seen intuitively through the naked eye. The coffee box is well-packed in shape and can leave a deep impression on consumers. Essence

Give product packaging concept

Only when the coffee box packaging is given a certain concept can we withdraw the vitality of the coffee box packaging and fully display the characteristics of the product.

The actual effect of the composition of the composition of the coffee box

The so -called composition refers to the designer’s expression method, which can determine the actual effect of the coffee box packaging. The more novel the composition, the more the coffee box packaging will become better.

The current situation of coffee box packaging surveys and analysis

Coffee belongs to powder -like. In order to have moisture -proof and environmental requirements, the packaging of coffee boxes is degradable plastic. The coffee box packaging is mainly to protect the product during transportation, and the coffee box packaging is to promote consumption and improve the product grade during sales. For the internal packaging, the merchant has given it, and there is no excessive discussion here to discuss the packaging of the coffee box. The coffee box is packaged with a box of 0201 box. The reason for the selection is good. The coffee box market is relatively common, beautiful, and highly mechanized. There are many coffee categories, different categories have different prices, and should be shown as much as possible during the design process. Coffee is a kind of food, the safety problem should be put on the first place. There is also a unique flavor of coffee, which is a factor that is popular.
The composition and characteristics of existing coffee consumers: young, enthusiastic, vibrant, and pursuing fashionable students and working class. They have a strong sense of career, but they also have to face the pressure of work and constant challenges. The main existing consumer groups of coffee are concentrated in the working class, and they still have great potential for a large part of the people in young vitality and 18-30 years old. Therefore, it is recommended that the coffee box packaging of major coffee brands should learn from the experience of other coffee brands to create a unique coffee culture like a unique coffee box culture to meet the needs of young and vibrant people. According to the existing consumer group, the style of the entire coffee box packaging must be generally the same as the quality of the group, and at the same time, adding an alternative element may have unexpected results. Young and vitality are a feature of the entire coffee box packaging, so as to impress the hearts of consumers.
It can be learned that folding carton is a sales packaging container with the most widely used range and the most changes in structure and shape. It is made of some folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard. Folding carton can be divided into several categories such as tube, discs, tube plates, and non -disk coffee boxes according to the molding method.
After determining the main structure of the coffee box, you should choose the lid and the bottom of the box. The selected box cover structures include insertion, lock -mouth, plug -in, bond sealing, open marks and flip types. The bottom structure that can be selected is flower -shaped locks, bottom locks, self -lock bottoming types, underworld seals, and torn self -lock bottom. The main purpose of the design of the packaging structure of the coffee box is to solve the scientific and technical nature. In terms of design functions, it is necessary to reflect the capacity, protectiveness, convenience, and environmental friendship. And display.

Coffee box packaging materials and basis for choice

The design principles of modern coffee food packaging are: according to the protection requirements of the packaging food, scientific selection of packaging materials with excellent protection functions, and then reasonable structural design and packaging and decoration design. Merchants use advanced coffee box packaging techniques to achieve the purpose of protecting food and extending the shelf life.
The chemical composition of different foods and the nature of physical and chemicals are different, so different foods have different protective requirements for packaging. Coffee is a powder-like and dry substance, which is more sensitive to water. Therefore, the coffee boxes they packaged should at least meet the requirements of the following: high and humidity -maintain the dryness of the product; chemical stability -cannot have any chemical reactions with interior foods to ensure food safety.
From the perspective of environmental protection, coffee boxes should be selected for saving resources, can be automatically decomposed and returned to nature, will not become garbage that will never disappear, and does not damage the ecological environment. At the same time, coffee box packaging materials must have sufficient strength, which can be tested in the process of processing, storage and transportation and adapted to the physical chemical properties of the interior. And coffee boxes can properly protect the internal goods. In addition, coffee boxes can adapt to various performances such as high -speed mechanized production. Based on the above factors, the coffee box uses environmentally friendly surface smooth hard cardboard and corrugated paper as an outer packaging.
Packaging is very important in modern life. For example, people must know how to pack themselves in order to stand out from the crowd. Of course, the packaging of various products is also important. In order to have good competitiveness in similar products, and it is very eye -catching. Many coffee brands now pay more attention to the design of coffee boxes. The reason is that after a reasonable design, the coffee box will highlight the brand characteristics.


The premise is that the coffee box must meet these standards below.

Reflecting the brand concept

The design of the coffee box should reflect the brand’s business philosophy, ensure the highlighting brand characteristics, and reflect the characteristics of coffee characteristics. This is an important criterion for the design of the coffee box. If you want to highlight the charm of the brand through the design of the box packaging, you must design the theme of the brand business philosophy and integrate the elements related to the brand. Essence

Not affected by external forces

In addition to consider the aesthetics and high -end and the characteristics of coffee, the coffee box design must also ensure that its convenience and practicality meet the standards, that is, the overall quality of the coffee box must meet the standard and not be affected by external forces. It is affected in transportation or preservation. It is recommended to choose a professional design company to provide design services to ensure that you can get professional advantages in design, so that style effects and quality can meet the standards.

Highlight the high -end atmosphere

In order to stand out in so many coffee products in the same type, in addition to improving the quality of coffee and ensuring the taste of the taste meets the needs of consumer groups, the design of the coffee box is more highlighting. In terms of packaging design, high -end atmosphere should be highlighted, showing the characteristics of the brand’s mature and stable, especially the overall texture seems to meet the theme of coffee, ensuring that the design effect of the coffee box packaging is perfect.
The above is a specific introduction to the design of the coffee box. It is necessary to meet these standards during the design of the coffee box packaging. It will be very helpful to the product promotion effect, because the perfect coffee box packaging can indeed attract people’s attention, and it can also make the brand’s marketing promotion wider.

These coffee box packaging designs with unusual ways to be surprised

Many of the coffee box packaging we have seen focuses on highlighting the temperament of the coffee itself, or the style of high cold or vitality. Let’s see the diversity of coffee packaging. And some coffee box packaging today also added more novel creativity to the original style, breaking our impression of traditional coffee products and coffee box packaging. Each of these high -efficiency coffee packaging box design proves the brand’s excellent design concept. Whether you are a brand or a packaging designer, each coffee box packaging can ring you a steady stream of design inspiration.

Hanging ear -blind box coffee

Hang ear coffee named Code Z is inspired by the image of the character of the same name. The letter “Z” is both Code and also represents the brand of Code Z. Therefore, in the packaging image, the personal characteristics of notes, passwords, coffee, and CODE are added, and combined with the characteristics of coffee ripples and notes to design the symbol of vinyl film shapes, giving people a mysterious and interactive feeling. In order to meet the different use scenarios of the product, the vinyl record pattern on the coffee box has two application performances. In addition, CODE also has the meaning of passwords. Therefore, in the form of a coffee box packaging, it expresses “Code Z” Five letters. Further enriching the content and level of packaging, it also echoes the concept of coffee blind boxes, and is applied to the packaging of coffee boxes. The primary and secondary text typesetting and symbolic letters Z give products more elegant and mysterious. Coupled with the laser colorful craft design, the simple silver -gray box has a little more advanced texture, and the fashion effect created is also a more niche style of coffee box packaging.

Dripping Cat Luo Tang Meow Hang Ear Coffee

It is another coffee box packaging with “unusual road”. The creative creativity of the product name “Lu Tang Cat” is inspired by daily life -cats are soaked and messy when bathing. The box looks more realistic and kind. From the cat, I also seemed to see ourselves, so in the packaging, use different saturated colors to show the content of the cat and hand -drawn it through a sticky manner to draw the cat’s stance in different scenarios around the theme of “fall soup”. Essence The image of anthropomorphism is precisely the metaphor of people. The cold and humorous style of the coffee box is more likely to get closer to the emotional distance from consumers. Interestingly, this coffee is mainly packaged. Users can tear it out and pour in boiling water to brew coffee, brew the complete coffee, and can directly pour it out by the small mouth on the side of the packaging. This is too playing.

Colin Coffee

The last Collin coffee, with a black coffee box with the white square font, forms a unique visual contrast. This Collin coffee feels a little more rigorous and cold than the traditional coffee box packaging in the past. The text content on the cover of the coffee box is actually expressed according to the different characteristics of coffee. The colored English words are further explained to the product information. At the same time, this coffee box packaging is rich in picture color, so that consumers can understand the content of the product more clearly. Another coffee box packaging is also designed with black and white and gray as the main color. The coffee box cover has different abstract patterns. The clean and neat typeset creates a certain sense of high -level.
Coffee box packaging is very important for products and brands. The color, text, and illustrations of the packaging box represent the image of the brand, and the combination between them must be coordinated and visually attractive. Through the above coffee box packaging boxes, you can
Coffee Box FACTORY

help you draw inspiration when custom-made packaging boxes.

Coffee has become an essential friend of us, and we are used to opening a good day with a cup of coffee every day. In addition to some interesting coffee shop designs on the street, there are also some designs of coffee paper cups, take -out bags, and coffee box packaging. There are many great box packaging design below. It is suitable for basically all coffee on the market. Let’s enjoy it together!
① Use pure leather paper vacuum bag, then put the information bar directly, the overall simple and elegant.
② Use exquisite carton, with paper box stickers.
This combination is easy to think of the original ecology, so such coffee boxes can make people feel that the coffee inside is healthy.
③ The same vacuum bag and paper sticker is also more comfortable than printing directly on the packaging bag.
④ Use design and information strip of cowhide paper bag, black and white coffee fruit line draft and bold color use.
⑤ Use similar to the design of Starbucks coffee box packaging
Use the overall color to distinguish different beans, and then with a small coffee box.
⑥ Use cowhide paper bag and orange sealing sticker.
⑦ Use cowhide paper real vacuum bag and white paper stickers. It turned out to be the bottom and the bottom.
⑧ Use craft paper bag and a lot of paper stickers. In this way, buyers can directly DIY coffee boxes by themselves according to their preferences.
⑨ Use the black coffee box printed with various coffee illustrations.
Which one do you like best?

In the context of the increasing homogeneity of coffee box packaging, how does the brand improve the recognition of the product? A highlight of coffee box packaging image is an important publicity channel, but in the long run, consumers not just care about the coffee box packaging value, but hopes to get the product information you want to get from the packaging, which is the high-quality consumption that is called in our daily life. The emergence of coffee categories such as convenience, iconic cold extract undoubtedly gives consumers more choices. As for which coffee and its coffee boxes prefer, it may wish to be provided to time to prove it. Choose our JERL packaging design. We have experienced designers and rich packaging experience. The design products are definitely satisfied with you!
If you don't know which kind of box suitable for your product, you can contact us, we will give you some professional advice according to your product .
Please attach your box design (preferably AI and CDR format ). Got multiple files? Put all your files in a folder and compress the folder into ZIP or RAR file. (File Type: AI|CDR|doc|excel|png|jpeg|csv|pdf) Alternatively, send through your RFQ by email. [email protected]
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