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Product packaging is an important part of the overall product marketing plan. For every seller, it is of great significance. This is not only the product packaging box, it can help our products to be drop-proof and convenient for transportation. More importantly, it can reflect our enterprise for consumers. Values and methods of publicity. Taking Apple’s mobile phone packaging box as an example, their positioning and capital are different in the initial stage and mature stage, and the product packaging box is also different. Our distributors must think about this when making product packaging boxes. Appearance is more important than practicality. The question is, let the packaging box factory with 11 years of experience in product packaging, Shenzhen JERL Packaging, come to chat with you.

  • Packaging Materials: Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper, Ivory Paper, Specialty Paper, Cardboard.
  • Size: Available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Finishing options: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing,
  • Add on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling.
  • Corrugated Cardboard, EVA Foam, Sponge Foam, EPE Foam, PVC, Silk Satin, Padded Pillow.
  • Lead Time:1-3 working days for samples; 10 working days for mass production.


Q: How to process the order?

  • Pls, send us the files you have, such as the logo AI file, and printing file.
  • We will send you the template of the box after our designer finished it, and we will go ahead to do the pre-production sample after you confirmed the template.
  • We will show you the video of the finished sample, after you confirmed the sample, we will start to do mass production.
  • We will show you a video after the bulk order is ready, and then ship it out to you.

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping?
A: Each box will pack in a poly bag, 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box, and all the carton corners with plastic protectors.

Q: What’s the shipping option?
A: We can ship by UPS or DHL for small orders, and for bulk orders, we can ship by sea, DDP, DDU, and CIF services available.

Q: How can you guarantee your quality? If we don’t satisfy your quality, how will you do?
A: Normally we do samples for you to confirm everything, and production will be the same as samples, and each process with 100% inspection to control the quality

Q: How to protect the box without damage during shipping?
A: Each box will pack in a poly bag, 20pcs~30pcs pieces in a stronger carton box, and all the carton corners with plastic protectors.

Q: Is there any choice for the lining inside the box?
A: We can offer paper card lining, EVA lining, EPE lining, Sponge lining, satin lining, and blister lining, I can recommend suitable lining according to your product.

Q: What’s the logo craft?
A: We can do a hot stamping logo, UV logo, embossed logo, and debossed logo.

Q: What’s the lead time for bulk orders?
A: Normally our lead time is 5-12 working days.

Q: Do you have the Europe EPR tax number?
A: Yes, JERL has got a legal Europe tax number since 2022, including France Packaging EPR, Paper EPR, and Germany Packaging EPR.

Q: How to make a payment?
A: T/T, D/P, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Online Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay/Clearpay, and others. For more options, please contact us.

Regarding the product packaging box, we must understand who is the object of the product packaging box service? What are their values? What are the core needs?

Let’s take Apple mobile phones as an example. In the beginning, because it was aimed at mobile phone fanatics, they were very sensitive to the machine’s running score data. You only need to ensure that the mobile phone can be delivered to consumers intact. At this stage, the core data of your product packaging box must be solid, but with the promotion of this group of data controllers, the mobile phone has formed a certain influence.

Ordinary consumers also know your product. At this time, your demand object has changed. They are no longer data controllers and enthusiasts. They need appearance and gifts, and they need product packaging with a sense of design. Boxes and the research and development of mobile phones are also high-end. It is out of date to use traditional old kraft paper boxes for packaging. No way, change it, so the product packaging box has changed again, focusing more on design and aesthetics. Some different elements have also been used in the process. You can see the development of Apple product packaging. It has changed step by step. Their products are improved according to their products and actual needs.

Product packaging, we must see the changes in customer consumption needs in the future, and constantly surprise customers.

The product packaging box carries the novelty between enterprises and consumers. If you can let others see your product for the first time, it meets their expectations, and even far exceeds their imagination, then your product packaging box must be successful because your things represent the future and the expected goals of consumers. At this stage, selling the product is a small effort.

Product packaging, whether it is good in appearance or good in practicality, really cannot be one size fits all. The situation of the company and the consumer group of the product are the key factors. Apple is the best example. In fact, what does a good product packaging box need, I think you must have the answer in your heart.


A high-quality bin box customization needs to go through too many things from design, and factory production to transportation. Design, since many times it is provided by the merchants themselves, we will put it aside for the time being. Our focus today is to talk to you about finding a high-quality bin box custom factory, what details should be paid attention to, and what questions should be asked clearly? And we, as a carton factory with 11 years of experience in packaging box customization – Shenzhen JERL Packaging, think we are qualified to make suggestions on this topic.

To customize the bin box with good quality, we must pay great attention to the samples. We are not only concerned about the price but also the quality.

Good quality bin box customization, the two most critical words are good quality and customization. Since it is a customized box, it is unique, so the so-called sample delivery by many merchants is not valid, they send their Public sample. The public version samples are produced to attract customers to place orders, and the quality is very good. Such free samples and later large-scale goods are prone to the situation that the goods are not correct. The best solution is to pay for a bin box sample according to your design requirements, although the cost of such a sample is higher. However, for merchants who want to make high-quality bin box customization, paying for customized samples can not only ensure a comparison between the quality of the samples and the bulk goods but also can confirm the quality of the disputes in the first place. The question is where, and ultimately where the blame lies.

To do high-quality bin box customization, the most important thing is the quality control ability of a factory.

To customize a high-quality bin box, the most important thing is to find a suitable factory. The bin box produced by a factory with quality control has a standard assessment for every detail; while a factory without quality control is completely face-to-face, If the workers are in a good mood, the things they may make will be good. When the mood is bad, your goods will be more blessed. The key is that some factories without quality control will have different quality of the same batch of goods. , then as a merchant who wants to do high-quality bin box customization, don’t you think this is a terrible thing? So finding a factory with good quality control will allow you to do things with less effort.

To customize the bin box of good quality, we must understand the soft power of the factory, and avoid communication problems due to the transmission of multiple people.

Some factory salesmen do not understand technology, and there is no designer. No matter how well you design the packaging box, they will not be able to comprehend it. The biggest taboo of a good bin box customization business. Some factories are better, but because the intermediate process of the factory is too serious, the salesman – designer – craft department – production department, a set of chains goes down, and the final sample may be very different from your original version. In addition to hardware, these soft powers are soft powers that you must examine as a factory. A company with poor service and a lot of equipment does not mean that it is suitable for you. Therefore, if you want to customize the bin box of good quality, you must also look at the soft power of the factory. The most suitable is the best, not the cheapest.

Therefore, to customize a high-quality bin box, we must start with samples, quality control, and the soft power of the factory. Only after these problems are solved, can we truly make our favorite packaging box.


In the custom design of the bin box, in addition to ensuring that the brand is exposed, we might as well boldly design a drainage entrance for red envelope sharing.

The greatest weakness of human nature is money. If we boldly use online marketing methods in the design of bin box customization, and on the premise of establishing our marketing website, take advantage of the branding advantages of bin box customization, and highlight the pleasure of sharing red envelopes in design, so that consumers are in the interest of Consider it, it will spread it in the circle of friends for you. This seems to be a little money, but the spread is countless. And the implementation may be very simple, a QR code plus a promotional design specially designed for red envelope sharing plus an online website, all this can be achieved. And many people don’t care about the price, what they care about is the sense of achievement that brings benefits to others.

In the custom design of the bin box, especially in the fast-consuming fast-moving consumer goods industry, you may wish to set up some upgrade mini-game entrances that can give people a sense of achievement.

For example, Alipay in China, why would I choose Alipay? Because planting trees is itself a development game, and the result of this game is a public welfare activity. That is, when your tree grows to a certain level, you can plant a tree in the desert area. This kind of public welfare purpose will give people a feeling that whichever payment method is used is the same, why don’t I do my part for public welfare? Alipay allows you to use his purpose, and you also feel that you have done your part for nature. This noble sense of mission will make you use it involuntarily, similar to chicken raising games and so on. Therefore, we can also refer to this method in the custom design of gift cartons, and express our position clearly, so that consumers can achieve the purpose of public welfare through a process of gamification in the process of repeated purchases. And it’s as simple to implement. Public welfare promotion and online conversion entrance are very simple and clear. The most important consumer also recognizes that you are a responsible company. Why not do such a custom design of a bin box as a business?

In the custom design of the bin box, we might as well use the way of collecting cards to promote sales. This marketing method is also very good.

When I was studying when I was a child, there were already smart merchants using this method, adding various popular anime characters to the food packaging, as long as you collect a set, you can exchange it for a coveted red and white machine, remember that During a period, our little friends, the snacks that we buy every day have become this kind of commodity that can collect cards. This model has contributed a lot of income to the merchants and promoted sales. Of course, I did not get the red and white machine in the end. Therefore, in the Internet age, we can also use the same method in the custom design of bin boxes. Through clever design, let consumers know about this matter, and then set a tempting bonus, which can naturally promote sales. This requires us to When making the custom design of the bin box, it is necessary to ensure the entrance. After the customer gets used to it, it can ensure that the consumer will continue to repeat the consumption.

In the custom design of the bin box, we might as well imagine it as a traffic portal. This portal is a QR code. Through some small methods such as red envelope sharing, game upgrades, and card collection, we can naturally guide customers to our official corporate website. , Register as a member, so that the marketing elements are done, and customers will naturally be endless.


I remember one time when I was chatting with my colleagues at work, I heard such a thing, the same piece of clothing, even the tag is the same, the piece of clothing she bought was more than 100 yuan more expensive than the roadside shop Money, I summed it up later, in fact, it is because the expensive one knows the brand awareness, and all the decoration designs are based on the big names. Later, I encountered many similar things, and I gradually understood the customized packaging box. Importance, why do we say that? Let Shenzhen JERL Packaging, a carton factory with 11 years of packaging box customization experience, come and chat with you.

First, from the perspective of consumers’ psychology, the brand created by bin box customization can enhance their invisible worth.

Our country has always been a country that loves face. From the old three things (bicycles, watches, sewing machines) married to the new three (houses, cars, bills), these things are not easy to get at every age. , If you have these three things in your marriage, you will gain face, and your neighbors, relatives, and friends will think that you are married well. And the same is true for products. A product customized by a bin box will give people a brand that is superior to others, even if you have never heard of this brand. A good customized packaging box can directly make the female compatriots get envious glances in the group of girlfriends. On the contrary, if your clothes are found in the grocery store next to the market, then the contemptuous look is enough to make you and them Sever the relationship.

Second, in terms of practicality, bin box customization can convey some useful information for merchants.

We all know that in real life, many products have no way to intuitively see how to use them at a glance. Bin box customization can solve this problem. When designing, the use methods of products are designed together to ensure product transportation, On the premise of beauty, it can also teach consumers step by step how to use it, such as cosmetics, facial masks, and toys. Let’s imagine, if there is no bin box customization, just a box, I think you must be desperate to get the product because I don’t know how to use it at all. Therefore, bin box customization will help your products get started faster by consumers, and eventually spread.

Third, from the perspective of convenience and hygiene, bin box customization can also escort you.

With the development of the Internet, online shopping has become more and more popular among young people. However, a product has to change hands many times from factories, and merchants to consumers, and the hygiene situation is worrying. With a bin box customized with outer packaging, we can avoid the situation. This layer of hands prevents too many people from touching the goods we need to buy and ensures the hygiene of the goods to the greatest extent. I think everyone doesn’t want to buy a plush toy. After a lot of people have changed hands, the bacteria on it is quite scary to think about. So from the perspective of hygiene, a bin box customized with outer packaging can also escort the hygiene of the products you buy.

Therefore, the same product, but why is the one customized by the bin box good business, because the customization of the bin box can increase the value of consumers; it can also convey some useful information for consumers, which is convenient for consumers to get started with the products faster; From the perspective of hygiene, it provides you with safety protection. Do you think there is any reason for everyone to buy expensive ones? After all, the service is priceless.


Although the Internet has made the connection between consumers and enterprises closer and closer, we have to admit that due to the explosive growth of information on the Internet, a person now needs to find what he wants from hundreds of millions of pieces of information. It’s getting harder and harder to get the information. The same is true for reliable carton factories. Although the traditional sales model is criticized, at least because of competition, it adheres to the basis of getting what you pay for.

However, the so-called Internet business has turned manufacturers into a blood-to-blood battle, and it is still a national competition. For-profit and survival, factories cut corners and materials again. How to find a reliable carton factory, today Let us, who have 11 years of experience in carton production, come and tell you how to find a reliable carton factory, but it is not the one with the lowest price.

The price of a reliable carton factory is not necessarily the cheapest, but it must be the most familiar with the business.

Many businesses must have experienced many painful twists and turns when looking for a reliable carton factory. The most painful one is a company with poor business ability. Although it claims to be a carton factory, a team of four or five people is theirs. All, their prices are likely to be the cheapest, but their business capabilities are very poor. Many times, as a merchant, the data you need to provide is accurate to millimeters. As professional personnel, you can’t provide a reference. Although it seems a little cheaper, if the product is not suitable, then my loss will be even greater. Do you think such a carton factory will be reliable?

Therefore, in the process of communicating with these carton factories, we must talk to each other from the perspective of a novice. When the suggestions given by the other party are more reliable, then we can know that this carton factory is still trustworthy.

A reliable carton factory must not cut corners and be bright and dark.

We all know that because people in the factory are very smart, they will often opportunistically use similar materials to replace the materials required by customers, or cut corners and use poor glue to replace good glue, although there is no problem at the time of delivery, in less than a month, there will be problems with the goods, such as glue opening, carton crushing, etc., which will make you devastated. We must avoid encountering such carton factories.

How to identify, the easiest point is to look at the price, that kind of carton factory that exceeds the normal price at first glance, I think there must be something tricky in it. A reliable carton factory would rather lose some customers for its reputation than reduce its quality and reputation.

A reliable carton factory with at least one well-known company’s cooperation experience.

We all know that well-known companies generally have strict requirements for their products, and they have their own QC to do professional testing, and reliable carton factories generally have at least a cooperative relationship with a well-known company, which is also confirmed from the side. There is a problem, that is, the strength of this carton factory is reliable and trustworthy, and they can pass the QC and strict delivery inspection of these well-known companies.

Generally, we can look for a reliable carton factory from the aspects of business familiarity, genuine goods, and reliable partners, but we must firmly believe that the lowest price will not be reliable.


Gift box packaging design is complex and diverse. Leaders are satisfied, and customers are happy.

Socket-type carton packaging structure design

This is the most commonly used form of the carton, with a simple shape, simple process, and low cost.

Window-type carton packaging structure design

This form of the carton is commonly used in toys, food, and other products. The feature of this structure is that it enables consumers to see the product at a glance, which increases the credibility of the product.

Portable carton packaging structure design

This form of the carton is often used in gift box packaging and is characterized by easy portability.

The structure design of drawer carton packaging

This packaging form is similar to the shape of a drawer, the lid and the box body are held apart by two sheets of paper, and the structure is firm and easy to use multiple times. Common ones are packaging boxes for oral liquids, chocolates, and so on.

Variation carton packaging structure design

Variation carton pursues the interestingness and variability of the structure and is often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This kind of structure is more complicated, but the display effect is good.

The structure design of covered carton packaging

This covered structure is divided into two types: one-piece type and split type. The so-called integrated type means that the cover is connected to the box body and is formed by one piece of paper, such as the packaging of cigarettes; while the split type means that the cover is separated from the box body and formed by two pieces of paper, such as moon cake packaging.

Structural design of combined carton packaging

Combined packaging is mostly used in gift box packaging. This type of packaging has both a single package and a middle package. It is characterized by being expensive, but the cost is high.

If you don’t know which material is suitable for your product, you can contact us, and we will give you some professional advice according to your product .

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